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Company News >> LCD Ying history of the largest off the tide of the panel industry is a good boil thirst quencher 27th,Mar,2017
                                           A-Si TFT LCD panel recently frequently out of stock, in the recently concluded Touch Taiwan exhibition, whether it is group, AUO or CPT, have released this wave of good weather until the end of 2016 is not a problem, as 2017 The first quarter is still under observation.
                                What is the strength of this wave? AUO chairman Peng Shuanglang first shouted, this is the panel industry since 2007, 10 years, the most enthusiastic boom; group chairman Wang Zhichao followed by overweight, he said, this wave panel out of stock than expected, he Engaged in TFT-LCD panel industry for 20 years, never seen the situation. Is currently a comprehensive out of stock, from mobile phones, laptops, LCD monitors to TV and other panel applications are all out of stock.
                                Analysis of this wave of TFT-LCD panel out of stock reasons, Peng Shuanglang said that this is "an inevitable" plus "three accidental" caused. "A must" is the price of all the way last year, down to the first quarter of this year, consumer panel prices have fallen 3 to 4 percent, panel factory unprofitable, began to reduce the supply, it is bound to cause future prices rebound.
                                In addition, the Samsung display (Samsung Display) process conversion is not smooth, but also in the original expectations outside; In addition, at the end of the year, the "three accident" is the beginning of 2016 the South Taiwan earthquake, leading to group productivity hit; Before, the Samsung monitor will also close a 7-generation plant, will make the panel supply more limited.
                                Samsung monitor will close a production of 40-inch TV panel before the end of this year's 7-generation panel factory, the plant is Samsung and Sony years ago, a joint venture S-LCD production line, the monthly volume of about 14 million to 150,000, About 100 million shipments of 40-inch TV panel, in other words, after the closure of the plant, means that in 2017 the world's 40-inch TV panel supply will be substantially reduced by 10 million to 12 million.
                                As the Samsung monitor and another 7-generation plant, in addition to the production of 40-inch TV panel, the main size is the production of 75-inch large TV panel and LCD monitor, in this case, it is estimated that Samsung monitor can only supply in 2017 500 million 40-inch TV panels, and this 5 million of the panel probably only for their own brand Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) and Sony and other strategic customers, other LCD TV brand factory will need to self-blessing.
                                Samsung's display closes the 7-generation plant, which will allow another group to produce the 40-inch TV panel. In addition, such as Sharp (Sharp), CLP Panda and other group-friendly manufacturers, will follow along with the light; however, these three manufacturers can supply 40-inch TV panel or difficult to meet the terminal industry procurement needs, so The adjacent 43-inch TV panel will follow the benefits, in addition, 45-inch or even the size of the TV panel may also appear tight phenomenon.
                                In addition to the Samsung monitor will be closed at the end of a 7-generation plant, the market came out, Samsung monitors will be closed next year, the first two 5-generation plant, in addition, Panasonic also shut down the 8-generation plant, LG Display (LG Display) also Plans to close a 6-generation plant in the first half of 2017.
                                In fact, over the past few years, around the world panel factory has closed a lot of old, not productive production lines, including 2.5 generation, 3 generations, 3.5 generations, 4 generations have, off the factory in addition to Samsung display, , Including Japan's Sharp, Japan display (Japan Display) and Taiwan's AUO, Yuan Tai, CPT and so on. Total Since 2012, global LCD manufacturers have closed nearly 20 panel production lines.
                                From the above we can see, LCD history, the largest off factory tide is taking place, the supply side of the reduction, so that the current large, small and medium size panels Qi out of stock, manufacturers were ordered to run, whether it is Peng Shuanglang said 10 years, or Wang Zhichao said 20 years, are enough to prove that this is the panel industry for a long time not see the glory, due to Guan Chao tide continued unfinished, the current market optimistic about the panel of the good times continued to 2017 the possibility of considerable

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