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Company News >> The mainland to shorten the gap between the LCD technology Korean factory position array OLED panel 7th,Apr,2017
                                         Since 2016, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) market will rapidly expand, have the opportunity to continue for more than 30 years of representative LCD display, a new mainstream display. LCD to master the small size to 80 inches above the large size of the display market, OLED from about 5-inch small size panel market began to quickly expand market share.
Once Apple (Apple) since the beginning of 2018 in the iPhone using OLED panel, OLED market will lead to explosive growth. Continental aggressive investment in large-size LCD production line, to get rid of the mainland's pursuit, South Korean companies began to actively invest in large-size OLED. With 30 years of history LCD market will meet the sunset, OLED will accelerate generations alternately.
                               OLED and LCD used by the material, component technology is completely different, for the formation of a stable supply chain LCD upstream industry, will bring great changes.
To panel core material, for example, OLED is a semiconductor diode material to replace the use of liquid crystal LCD. LCD need another device backlight, film, filter, etc., OLED can be self-luminous, the number of components required less.
                               Changes in the upstream industry is enough to change the global display components, material market competition layout. South Korea in the LCD era beyond Japan, to master the market dominance, OLED era, there is no strong after the start, South Korea is expected to monopolize the global market.
                               Therefore, the traditional LCD LCD overlord in the new OLED material market, can not guarantee the continuation of the king halo. Material Japan, Japan in the display, semiconductor field to master materials and films and other specific parts and components market, and in the OLED market, South Korea has an advantage.
                               Early in the OLED market and not much change. Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) Galaxy mobile phones continue to carry OLED, want to make the hardware differentiated. LGDisplay (LGDisplay) and LG Electronics (LGElectronics) plans to expand the large-size OLED TV market.
Samsung's Gear series and Apple's Apple Watch and other smart watches equipped with flexible OLED, but the panel size is small and not yet popular, not enough to promote the overall OLED market to expand the fermentation agent.
                               Then after the end of 2015, began to change. Samsung Display (SamsungDisplay) began to actively on the mainland smart phone factory supply OLED panel, so that the third quarter revenue and operating interests rose sharply. Aimed at high-end smart phone market, the mainland's main smart phone factory, began to expand the proportion of flagship models equipped with OLED.
                              South Korea industry believes that in the mainland smart phone market, equipped with OLED panel wave will spread to the mobile phone. Smart phone hardware different elements of the small, high-definition display is essential elements. Reduced OLED manufacturing costs will drive OLED panel popularity.
                              South Korea Kiwoom Securities estimates that Samsung display smart phone with OLED panel manufacturing costs in the first half of 2016 will drop to and LCD similar or lower. The same 5-inch Full HD grade panel, LTPS LCD and OLED cost difference from 16% in the third quarter of 2014, down to 1% in the third quarter of 2015.
                              Apple since AppleWatch, iPhone is also expected to carry OLED panel, is in consultation with the main panel factory. If the iPhone to determine the use of OLED panel, will be able to accelerate the popularity of OLED. Samsung display, LG display, Japan JapanDisplay and so are expected to take the iPhoneOLED order.
                              Up to now, iPhone are equipped with LTPS LCD panel. Apple if equipped with OLED panel, will enable the market to instantly change, with great influence.
                              Continental panel factory after another 8 generations, 10.5 generation of production line investment, the fierce pursuit of the OLED market expansion also has an impact. South Korean experts pointed out that compared to the mainland panel plant can quickly shorten the technical gap between the LCD panel, South Korea plant should accelerate the production of high-size large-size OLED panel.
                               LG has produced large-size OLED TV panel, 2016 will be additional investment. And only the production of small size OLED Samsung display, 2016 may decide to implement large-size OLED panel production equipment investment.

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