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Company News >> Samsung monitor pulls out OLED panel combat power more than half of the factory into the war situation 5th,May,2017
                                          Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics) vice president of the right of the five-hyun sedan Samsung display (Samsung Display), the face of the mainland panel factory set off a large TFT LCD production competition, Samsung monitors decided to fully adjust the proportion of panel production, strengthen investment in the application market is about to grow Of the flexible OLED panel, the current Samsung monitor in South Korea six factories, is expected to have four factories for OLED production purposes, Samsung display factory in Korea is expected to have more than half into the OLED panel war situation.
                               Samsung monitors the first half of 2016 investment in flexible OLED panel investment of about 2 trillion won (about 1.72 billion US dollars), 2017 before the total investment will reach 5 trillion won (about 4.3 billion US dollars), due to Apple's new iPhone Hope to carry OLED panel, the industry expected in 2017 from the demand for flexible OLED panel will be greatly increased, Samsung monitor in the right after the command of the five-hyun, pull up the OLED panel combat power is clearly positive.
According to South Korea's Digital Times reported that the Samsung monitor following the L6 production line, plans to sell Tangxi plant L7 production line part of the equipment, and the L7 production line to produce flexible OLED panels, the Korean industry estimates Samsung monitor from 2016 to 2017 Year conversion production equipment process, the maximum investment will reach 3 trillion won (about 2.58 billion US dollars).
                               At present, Samsung monitors the plants operating in Korea, including L6 ~ L8 LCD panel factory and A1 ~ A3 mobile device with OLED panel factory, which, L6 mainly produces IT products with panels, L7 and L8 lock production LCD TV panel, as A1 main production Flat OLED panel, A2 production plane and flexible OLED panel, A3 is locked to produce flexible OLED panel.
Samsung display If the L7 production line is converted to the production of flexible OLED panel, Samsung display in South Korea six factories, there will be four factories for OLED production purposes. In fact, the Samsung monitor L7 production line originally produced 40-inch panel, 2016 years since the continued loss, forcing Samsung monitor plans to sell some of the equipment, the LCD business to adjust the production of more than 40-inch large TV panels and high value-added products The
                              In addition, the Samsung monitor plans to stop some monitors from the second half of 2016, NB with LCD panel supply, mainly low-resolution TN panel suspended delivery, to focus on the production of OLED and high value-added products to enhance the production line benefit.
                              It is noteworthy that the Samsung display to enhance the competitiveness of OLED panel products, the recent production of panels with Samsung electronic mask production panel mask production, and has begun a small amount of mask production, the future does not rule out the improvement in the OLED panel process Self-made mask use ratio. If the Samsung display can produce their own mask, is expected to make the mask and OLED process technology to optimize, not only help to enhance technology to prevent the outflow of technology, once the mask production reached a certain level, but also reduce production costs.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618