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Company News >> Chen Hong optimistic about the OLED panel touch the future business opportunities 22th,June,2017
                                           Microsoft launched the occasion of the occasion of Win8, touch the pen to become the most ramming models, touch panel manufacturers Chen Hong for this large expansion capacity, but the market did not open; the Chen Hong optimistic about OLED business opportunities, the statement has been significantly conservative The Chen Hong has been mainly engaged in the touch display, touch system, touch screen, touch technology and other aspects of research and development, production.
                                 Microsoft Windows8 operating system with touch function design, when the market optimistic about the touch pen business opportunities, TPK Chen Hong in addition to the expansion of the new plant in Fujian Pingtan, but also to buy the next panel manufacturers AU Optronics (2409)'s touch panel factory Rainbow , And changed its name to Dahong, but backfire, touch pen market has not yet opened, expanding plant everything is busy.
                                Not only that, Chen Hong last year, a large amount of financial losses, the main reason is to mention the machinery and equipment assets of the impairment, which are due to rapid expansion of the pen with the touch panel production capacity.
                                Therefore, the market optimistic about Apple's new generation of mobile phone organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel, Chen Hong is also optimistic about the customer phone OLED panel business opportunities, is expected to drive plug-in touch panel needs; However, Chen Hong held recently Shareholders meeting, for the shareholders of the expectations, Chen Hong is no longer as in the past on the touch pen "hanging guarantee", only that have the opportunity to win the customer OLED touch panel orders.
                                In fact, according to various professional market adjustment agency estimates, Apple OLED panel early, will be the first to produce OLED mobile phone panel Samsung display company to buy, as the use of Samsung OLED mobile phone external (oncell) touch panel program, That is, directly touch the sensing material plated on the OLED substrate, or the use of plug-in touch panel? The two options that the bird screen was still waiting to be observed.
                                However, research institutions bluntly, if the Apple OLED mobile phone panel mining "external" touch panel, Chen Hong such production "plug-in" touch panel manufacturers on the hero useless.
                                Even if the Apple OLED mobile phone panel using plug-in touch panel, the first batch of goods is directly from the OLED technology, the most mature Samsung package down, because the OLED panel technology threshold is high, but with the plug-in touch panel technology threshold is relatively no high.
                                Therefore, many research institutions that Apple mobile phone OLED panel early, regardless of the display panel, touch panel orders may be the first Samsung package, until the follow-up to the introduction of OLED products, touch panel part, will turn the plug-in touch Panel manufacturers responsible for the plug-in touch panel as the leading Chen Hongcai will receive business.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618