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Company News >> Samsung denied trying to stop supplying the LCD panel to Apple 4th,July,2017
                                              Samsung spokesman came forward to deny the Samsung plan to stop supplying Apple LCD panel rumors next year, said the news from South Korea is not true.
South Korean Times quoted anonymous Samsung sources revealed the news, first revealed the Samsung and Apple will end the end of this year's LCD business dealings.
However, the Samsung Group spokesman immediately corrected the rumors that this is a completely unfounded rumors.
"Samsung has never tried to stop cooperation with Apple on LCD," the spokesman said.
The spokesman further added that Samsung has sent a request to the South Korean Times to correct the news. Samsung has been in contact with Apple on this matter.
Apple and Samsung in the past period of time, the relationship has been in a very tense stage. In order to win the patent war, the two sides in a number of courts around the world fighting.
Although Apple has always been dependent on Samsung to provide spare parts, but Apple has also been ongoing efforts to reduce the Samsung in the parts on the business relationship. It is reported that Apple recently to HP and LG to discuss the supply of LCD panel matters, and in the chip production, Apple also hopes to establish cooperation with manufacturers outside of Samsung.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618