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Company News >> LGD reached the small and medium-sized OLED market hit 60 billion yuan to build the world's largest OLED panel plant 11th,July,2017
                                                 LG Display (LGD) decided to South Korea Paju (Paju) E6 plant, all for the production of OLED, the target small and medium-sized OLED production capacity growth twice a year.
Korean media BusinessKorea reported on the 22th, LGD personnel revealed that P10 will be specialized production base for the OLED, the factory will not create LCD (LCD) panel. As the demand for small and medium-sized OLED panels in short supply, LGD will produce small and medium-sized OLED as a priority target, to fight the annual production capacity doubled.
Reported that LGD in 2017 in the E5 plant production of 15,000 small and medium-sized OLED panels, 2018 in the E6 plant 6 on behalf of the line production of 15,000 small and medium-sized OLED, 2019 in the E6 or P10 plant 6 on behalf of the line Production of 30,000 small and medium-sized OLED.
P10 factory large-scale OLED, the original has not yet decided to produce LCD or OLED, now seems to be fully turned to OLED, is expected to invest 8.5 generations of OLED, followed by 10 generations of OLED.
OLED panel supply tight situation, may be improved in 2018? Korea panel factory LG Display (LGD) decided to drop 10 trillion won (about 600 billion yuan), the construction of the world's largest OLED panel production base.
BusinessKorea reported on May 22 that LGD will build the P10 plant in Paju, South Korea, to produce large OLED panels for televisions and small and medium-sized OLED panels for mobile devices, with 70% of its capacity being expected for small and medium size OLED panels. P10 factory area has 14 large football field, is the world's largest OLED production base. LGD plans to spend 10 trillion won (about 60 billion yuan), a single panel factory set a maximum amount of investment. P10 plant scheduled for the first half of 2018 production.
Large OLED panels, LGD has not yet decided to invest in 10-generation LCD panel or OLED panel. LG Group senior staff said, LGD can use LCD production equipment, manufacturing OLED panels, it has not yet decided to make the first LCD panel, or OLED panel.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618