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Company News >> Samsung new OLED panel plant to expand production to consolidate market advantage 4th,August,2017
                                          Samsung Display new OLED soft board factory officially broke ground on the 10th, estimated cost of 13 trillion -16 trillion won. After the completion of the new plant in the future, one can increase production capacity to meet the needs of smart phones, and secondly to further expand the lead.
The new OLED plant A4 is located in Asan City, south of Chungcheongnam Road, Korea. It is a six-generation line (1850 x 1500mm) with the A3 plant and will be opened in the second half of next year. It is estimated that it will produce 135,000 pieces per month, Thousands of 30 million mobile phone panel needs.
Samsung Display is currently a leader in small and medium size OLED panels, and is Apple's next generation iPhone OLED panel main suppliers. The new panel plant may be to consolidate Apple's future orders, as well as serve more other Chinese handset factory customers.
Samsung said that this year's panel and semiconductor demand is strong, will significantly increase the two capital investment, in order to expand production capacity. Samsung's first quarter allocated to the panel sector investment budget of 5 trillion won, the semiconductor was 4.2 trillion won.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618