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Company News >> Large-size LCD panel shipments in 2013 are expected to fall by 6% 28th,Sep,2017
                                                  As the market demand for a variety of applications continues to change rapidly, 2013 panel suppliers must adjust their large-size TFT LCD business plan. According to NPD DisplaySearch recently published large-size TFT panel shipments quarterly report shows that in 2013 the world's large-size TFT LCD panel suppliers will ship 770 million, compared with 754 million in 2012 fell 6%.
TFT LCD industry for the first time large-size panel shipments fell year on year, but because of television, monitors and public display panel, the average screen size increases, making prices fell more stable, so revenue is expected to only reduce 2% $ 100 million to $ 81.7 billion in 2013.
TFT LCD panel manufacturers are concentrating on new technologies and product configurations such as 4Kx2K, ultra-narrow borders, high transmitivity, high resolution, IPS / FFS, ultra-thin, light weight, wide color gamut, and up-scaling Integration, touch and institutional integration and so on. However, panel makers still face the challenge, although their goal is to increase this year's shipments, but in fact they had to first digest the 2012 excess inventory.
2011-2013 large size (9 '' above) TFT LCD panel shipments
2011-2013 large size (9 '' above) TFT LCD panel shipments
Panel manufacturers LCD TV panel shipments are still full of confidence, 2013 global shipments target of 244 million. Whether in the production capacity or specifications, such as LED backlight, 3D, open cell, BMS mode, the new TV size and 4Kx2K, China will continue to be the world's largest LCD TV panel market impact. China's May Labor Day three-week sales season, despite the concerns of the inventory adjustment, but the LCD TV sales are still up 13%.

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