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Company News >> OLED panel factory land quickly catch up with research: Taiwan factory did not lead 19th,Oct,2017
                                            Taiwan panel factory often said that the technology leader in mainland China panel factory, but experts believe that the land factory catching up, in fact, Taiwan panel factory in the OLED panel, and even low-temperature polysilicon panel, not leading the Chinese mainland.
The iPhone8 uses organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel, led OLED mobile phone panel boom, many panel factory new OLED panel production line, in addition to the production of OLED panel Korean factory, the mainland of China Panel factory is also actively building OLED panel production line, Lu plant 6-generation OLED panel production line in the second half of this year will be officially put into OLED mobile phone panel, but the Taiwan plant has not yet set OLED mobile phone panel production line.
Qiuyu Bin stressed that the factory as long as the mass production of OLED panels, although the initial learning curve is slow, but with the increase of time, technology will continue to grow, the other hand, Taiwan manufacturers only a small amount of production wear device, smart watch OLED panel, Genesis is only experimental production of OLED panels, are not mass production, OLED panel, the plant is actually not leading factory.
(LTPS), Lu Chang also run faster than the Taiwan plant, Lu Tian Tian's 6 generation LTPS production line in the second quarter of last year, mass production, China Star, the plant is not the leading factory, Photoelectric Wuhan factory in the second quarter of last year, mass production, than the Taiwan plant 6 generation LTPS production line last year, mass production time earlier, and even Lu plant 5.5 generation LTPS production line as early as the second quarter of last year, the production of OLED mobile phone panel.
Taiwan plant LTPS production line for the Hon Hai funded, group management of the Kaohsiung Road, bamboo plant 6 on behalf of the line; AUO is built in mainland China Kunshan 6 on behalf of the line.
iPhone8 mining OLED panel, driven OLED mobile phone panel popular, Taiwan factory, in addition to AUO, a small group of production OLED panel, but no production OLED mobile phone panel. Although Hon Hai and the Group of Sharp cooperation, is expected to OLED panel factory in mainland China, the production of OLED mobile phone panels, but the time is slower than the land factory.
Taiwan panel factory Huaying more frankly in the shareholders will be frankly, OLED panel factory cost is too high, in the case of uncertainty to make money, would rather consider the existing thin film transistor LCD (TFT-LCD) panel, and lock the profit better Of the car display panel, industrial display panel, not mobile phones and other consumer products.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618