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Company News >> Cost of emergency LCD AMOLED panel "corner overtaking 23th,Oct,2017
                                                  Mobile phone rolled into a pen, the display is free to stack, the flat is just a transparent cellophane, the window turned into a control center ... ... this wonderful all possible is the flexible screen will bring us the wisdom of life. Today's flexible OLED market, the Korean manufacturers first step, Samsung and LG has launched their own curved screen phone. 2010 Samsung released AMOLED display equipped with GalaxyS smart phone, the Galaxy series of smart phones sold around the world, but also makes the advantages of AMOLED industry and the end consumer gradually recognized and accepted.
AMOLED (ActiveMatrix / OrganicLightEmittingDiode) is an active matrix organic light emitting diode panel. In the display performance, AMOLED faster response, higher contrast, viewing angle is also broader, these are AMOLED better than TFT-LCD's inherent advantages; another AMOLED with self-luminous features, do not need to use the backlight, more than TFT Do more light, a backlight can save the TFT-LCD3 ~ 4 into the proportion of the cost of backlight module.
Today's China has become a global smartphone consumer, consumer demand for visual experience is also getting higher and higher, mobile phone manufacturers are also trying to find more cool display technology to meet everyone, AMOLED display is undoubtedly a good Select direction. Its main advantages include:
1, compared to the traditional LCD, AMOLED screen is very thin, and can be integrated in the screen touch layer (such as In-Cell technology).
2, AMOLED self-luminous, single pixel in the display black nowadays does not work, show dark when low power consumption.
3, AMOLED can be made into a flexible screen, LCD screen than the glass substrate should not be damaged.
4, AMOLED with high contrast, theoretically contrast can be infinite, and will not leak.
5, AMOLED has a very fast response speed, the response time only LCD 1/1000 to 1/100.
In fact, AMOLED panel is self-luminous, no backlight, the cost should be lower than the TFT-LCD panel, the actual situation is, AMOLED production rate is difficult to boost, can not produce more than 95% yield FTF- LCD panel rival, leading to its high cost.
With the continuous improvement of production yield, AMOLED mobile phone panel production costs gradually decline, and TFT LCD phone panel between the cost gap significantly reduced. Market research institutions DisplaySearch pointed out that the current AMOLED mobile phone panel compared to the same size TFT panel, there are about 10 to 20% of the gap. But AMOLED production yield increased significantly, is expected after two years, AMOLED production costs have lower opportunities than the TFT panel.

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