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Company News >> OLED panel is not mature Sony choice and LCD parallel development 24th,Oct,2017
                                            Sony TV and Sony (Toshiba) will be launched in the Japanese market in 2017, which Panasonic and Toshiba OLED TV will be regarded as the highest level of product sales, but Sony has to go Different routes, only the OLED TV as LCD TV parallel products, the flagship section is still LCD TV.
Sony does not regard OLED TV as better than LCD TV's next-generation flagship TV, the main reason in the current OLED panel relative to the advantages of LCD panel is not theoretically so obvious, and production is also insufficient. Japanese display (JDI) after the acquisition of JOLED, but also for similar reasons, the simultaneous development of LCD panels and OLED panels, do not focus on any single type of product.
Sony is not the reason for the flagship of OLED TV, is currently able to supply a large number of OLED TV panel manufacturers, almost only South Korea LG Electronics (LG Electronics), the annual output of less than 200 million units. While the global price of more than 2,500 US dollars, can be regarded as high-end high value-added TV market size, annual demand close to 30 million units, that is, the market supply and demand only 7%, far from enough.
OLED panel is not mature Sony choice and LCD parallel development
Although Sony and Panasonic's OLED production technology research and development joint venture company JOLED, is actively studying the TV OLED display panel production technology, is expected to mass production in 2017 ~ 2018, but the summer of 2017 to launch OLED TV Of Sony, JOLED products, far from the water can not save the fire, Sony is currently only the main LCD TV, OLED is only a small amount of high value-added products.
Sony, like LG or Samsung Electronics, is still producing TV from low to high-end TV products, unlike the product line, which is almost exclusively focused on Japan's Toshiba and Sharp Europe and the United States market only high-end products Panasonic, OLED panel supply is far from Sony's global market demand, the situation is quite obvious.
And OLED panel production costs much higher than the LCD panel, the TV for the big screen, the spread is quite obvious, LCD panel technology is still progress, Sony is still unwilling to bet on any single technology, so the front or OLED TV As a product parallel to the LCD TV.
Japan's display is also the same idea, even because Apple (Apple) need OLED display panel, so that the Japanese display investment in the establishment of OLED panel production line, but the plant that the lower cost of the LCD panel still has a competitive advantage, so flexible liquid crystal Panel development, and 80% transparency of color OLED display R & D, towards the development of individual technology advantages, reduce the risk of a single technology betting.

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