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Company News >> 2016 small and medium panel market analysis AMOLED or into a dark horse 28th,Oct,2017
                                                The news shows that this year AMOLED panel meteoric rise, there may be 2016 medium and small size of the mainstream panel technology, while AMOLED panel revenue is expected in 2016 beyond the traditional amorphous silicon LCD panel revenue. And in the entire small and medium size LCD panel market development follow-up weak, the overall basic into a negative growth in the state of profit, Samsung display with AMOLED panel to achieve positive growth.
In the case of
2016 small and medium panel market analysis AMOLED or into a dark horse
AMOLED panel benefits will not repeat them, after all, the benefits of OLED who knows who, the domestic smart phone market upstart OPPO and vivo in the use of the AMOLED screen market share has increased significantly in the first quarter of this year with OLED panel smart 60% of mobile phones in the mobile phone is OPPO, VIVO two brands.
AMOLED panel in this year's estimated revenue of 14.3 billion US dollars, LTPS revenue was 14.7 billion US dollars, AMOLED will exceed the current market mainstream amorphous silicon LCD revenue, it seems AMOLED panel full arrival time is ripe. LTPS panel has been favored, Japan and South Korea panel factory although the technical advantage, but with the other panel production capacity amplification, the technical and quality gap between each other is gradually narrowing.

AMOLED will make the display taller
LTPS capacity expansion will directly lead to the emergence of price war, in the LTPS oversupply situation, AMOLED panel with its unique display characteristics and the decline in the cost of mass production in the market, in the market, Admiral later come from behind, in the future competition more advantages.
iPhone7 Although the LCD panel is still used, but in the foreseeable future for some time, Apple will be in its new products gradually popular AMOLED panel use, Apple is likely to once again by virtue of OLED to achieve rapid growth again, the market as The next generation of OLED display technology in the incarnation of the main or AMOLED.
Now the proportion of mobile phone screen and narrow frame gradually become a major design of high-end models, AMOLED panel physical characteristics allow the phone to do thinner, screen ratio is greater, the border narrow to less than 1mm, while achieving more lasting battery life Capability, AMOLED panel than the traditional TFT-LCD panel has a greater product development and follow-up use 

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