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Company News >> Show industry development into the key nodes OLED panel penetration accelerated 3rd,Nov,2017
                                            With the iterative display technology update, the global display industry into a key node, OLED is expected to become the LCD after the "next generation display technology." It is reported that Apple is purchasing large-scale Samsung OLED panel, purchase orders or will reach billions of dollars. Driven by Apple, the future OLED panel penetration is expected to accelerate.

The popularization of OLED technology has broken the limitation of the traditional flat display. The curved screen or flexible screen will become the mainstream trend in the future. The demand in many fields such as VR and wearable devices is expected to explode, which will give birth to huge market space.
Market research firm IHS predicts that between 2015 and 2016, OLED products will account for about 12% to 17% of the revenue generated from display products and will reach 46% by 2020. At a recent industry forecasting symposium held by the state technology group, analysts expect AMOLED display panels to face a global shortage by 2017.
Driven by the increasing market demand and the acceleration of the industrialization process, all major domestic manufacturers have switched to OLED production lines and are striving to occupy leading positions in the new round of industrial upgrading. In August this year, BOE announced that it will mass produce the first flexible display in China. November 16, Skyworth joint BOE, Haisi released China's first independently developed OLED TV. Although the current OLED core technology is still mastered by foreign companies, but our own independent research and development has a large number of deep technical reserves. In addition, the NDRC and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the "2014-2016 New Display Industry Innovation and Development Action Plan", which proposes to implement technological innovation and accelerate the forward-looking layout so as to fully grasp the AMOLED technology by 2016. Data show that this year's global OLED production line investment plan over 320 billion yuan. With the continuous improvement of the yield of the OLED, the production cost will also gradually decline, and the turning point of the OLED to replace the LCD will accelerate rapidly.
The formation of the OLED material layer is mainly synthesized or sublimated into the monomers by the intermediate of the OLED material and the crude monomer, and then the panel manufacturer vapor-deposits a plurality of monomers onto the substrate to finally form the OLED material layer. Among them, OLED organic material costs accounted for 20% to 30%. However, the organic materials of the OLED mainly include the light-emitting layer material and the transport layer material, so that the requirements of the future light-emitting layer material and the transport layer material will be greatly increased. At present, China's material companies mainly involved in OLED material intermediates and monomer crude supply. In addition, OLED production line and LCD production line compared to the biggest change is the use of vapor deposition equipment manufacturing luminescent materials. With the continuous technological innovation and market penetration and rapid promotion of the promotion of OLED devices and materials in the future is expected to take the lead in the field.

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