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Company News >> Barco released Unisized LCD frameless LCD panel innovation LCD splicing display 8th,Nov,2017
                                             Barco, a global leader in professional visualization technologies, announced the simultaneous release of UniSee frameless LCD LCD splicing display products in China and around the world.
According to the reporter learned at the scene the latest generation of LCD panel technology, using Sense X color and brightness automatic calibration technology, and always ensure consistency and uniformity of color and brightness. At the same time UniSee Mount hydraulic mounting structure, the use of gravity self-calibration technology to achieve precise self-alignment, installation easier, easier to maintain, more reliable performance. And NoGap technology to achieve a full screen almost seamless overall perception.
Barco staff introduction, Barco and users, agents and distributors have always maintained close contact. By earnestly listening to user feedback and understanding the needs of the industry, Barco made radical changes and innovations in the concept of LCD splicing and the mounting structure. Ulrich looks beyond the traditional LCD Video Wall at every level and will redefine the entire LCD display market over the next few years.
The industry's narrowest patchwork - NoGap seamless technology
As the world's first frameless LCD splicing product, Barco Unisys offers an unprecedented viewing experience. NoGap's seamless technology has made the patchwork of LCD splicing systems almost negligible, resulting in a nearly seamless viewing experience.
(Excellent as the product map)
At the same time, Barco created the newest mounting structure, the UniSee Mount hydraulic mounting structure, for a brand new frameless display system that uses gravity self-alignment technology to ensure that the display unit is precisely aligned without damaging the sensitive edge areas , And easy to install and maintain.
(Excellent depending on the installation structure)
Perfect and even picture - self-calibration technique
Barco's unique Sense X auto-calibration technology uses real-time sensors to continuously measure color and brightness, and make timely adjustments to ensure that the entire video wall is always displayed with consistent color and brightness. At the same time, Barco has revolutionized the design of the panel to reduce the difference in brightness between the display center and the edge, achieving unprecedented single-screen uniformity and multi-screen uniformity inside the LCD cell.
Diagnostic and maintenance more convenient - Open intelligent software platform
Barco Unilever sees it as an important part of the key control business and the stitching display system needs to be up and running at all times. Therefore, Barco spares no effort in the design phase to try various ways to ensure the best operating results. Not only that, the system design also pays attention to the convenience of diagnosis and maintenance. Youliss's open software platform not only manages the entire splicing display system, but also automatically allocates and calibrates each display unit, provides single-point remote control and diagnostic support, To improve the speed of diagnostics and maintenance of each display unit, greatly reducing the potential for downtime.
The whole environment is flexible and adaptable
"Barco is a scalable system for the future." Mr. Zhang Dezhong, Barco's senior vice president and general manager for Greater China, said: "Our modular design and open software platform will not only make installation, diagnostics and Maintenance is quick and easy, and in the future, Ulrich can be upgraded to the latest technology through modular expansion and upgrades. "
Nie Weigang, general manager of C & C NVIDIA (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., emphasized the system flexibility: "Barco GALAXY products with excellent images, seamless splicing display and higher reliability, To meet the visual needs of many professionals, especially in harsh enterprise environments, Barco Unilever is ideally suited for installation in large corporate lobbies, exhibition halls, control rooms, high-end meeting rooms and other places, to display various important contents. UniCom will redefine the LCD splicing display market in the coming years and will be the best choice for important informational venues and Barco will continue to make significant contributions to this market. "

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