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Company News >> Sharp OLED panel trends experts see 18th,Dec,2017
                                               While Sharp's strengths are IGZO panels that serve as backsheets for organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels, experts say Sharp will still be developing OLED handsets for low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) backplanes panel.

IHS, a senior director of professional research institutions Xie Qin Yi analysis, Sharp's IGZO panel for the Tablet PC, TV panels, high-end mobile phone panel mainstream or LTPS panel, and even the future of Apple's new generation of mobile phones OLED panel, the required backplane or LTPS the Lord.
Xie Qin Yi said that if the IGZO panel when the OLED panel backplane, or to the Tablet PC, TV application is appropriate.
On May 12, a group of Optoelectronics opened a press conference, in addition to the announcement of the former chairman of the Duan Xingjian will soon go to Japan, to Sharp to new, general manager Wang Zhichao took over the chairman, also a big move to illustrate Hon Hai spent NT $ 200 billion investment Sharp, because of good IGZO technology, OLED panels can be used as the backplane.
Xie Qinyi bluntly, group a photoelectric argument did not pick the IGZO panel is OLED mobile phone panel backplane, Sharp to fight for the next generation of Apple's OLED mobile phone panel orders, OLED panel production line cover, it should still mining LTPS panel when the backplane.
He explained that the phone needs high resolution, if only 400 pixels per inch (PPI), IGZO can be used, but 500PPI LTPS to do it.
He said that Apple and Samsung have a competitive relationship with the brand, Apple's smartphone since the iPhone4s Samsung Panel has been no longer used, but once the use of OLED mobile phone panels Apple, Samsung OLED display panels are only produced in line with the requirements of Apple, Apple's next-generation OLED mobile phone panel Or let Samsung lead the battle.
From another perspective, he thinks, the South Korean panel factory IGZO panel does not lose Sharp, Sharp can also be immediately supplied to Apple's iPad series tablet use; but Sharp also has the ability to produce high-quality LTPS panel, and even do OLED panels for the future production of the backplane.
He stressed that the IGZO panel electron mobility is too low, only 50, but the LTPS is as high as 100, the need for high-resolution mobile phone panels, LTPS panel is more appropriate, even OLED mobile phone panel backplane, but also LTPS more appropriate.
As for the planning and construction of Hua Yang IGZO panel production line in the future and may use IGZO panel as OLED backplane. He said that CPT adopted a small but beautiful business strategy aimed at the low-end mobile phone market in the non-Apple camp. The automotive display panel market needs a high degree of resolution, so IGZO can be used as the back panel of the OLED panel.
Rumored Apple may launch low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) plus metal oxide (Oxide) - indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO), fusion of the two processes panel. Xie Qin Yi said that this is Apple's patent, although speculation Apple is looking for panel makers to jointly develop, but the process required 18 mask, the cost is quite high, there is no panel factory investment.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618