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Company News >> LCD panel prices in the second quarter will tend to ease the slight decline in hope OLED profits 21th,Dec,2017
                                                     As LCD panel prices continue to decline, it is estimated that Samsung Display (Samsung Display) and LG Display (LCD Display) LCD business will write a record loss for the first quarter; starting from the second quarter LCD prices will ease the downward trend, Can reduce the extent of loss, but the proportion of OLED business will become large enough to affect the overall performance of the extent.
According to Korean media ET news reports, the recent securities industry and industry sources pointed out that Samsung Display and LG Display Q1 LCD business business interests are expected to write down the deficit. The main reason is due to the average price of LCD panels dropped from 70 US dollars in early January to 66 US dollars in early February, followed by the downward trend in March is still ongoing.
Samsung monitors in mainland China LCD factory in Suzhou, the use of a new process, resulting in reduced production yield, coupled with LCD prices continued to decline, it is expected LCD business losses in the first quarter will change greatly. The increase in external customers for smart phones using OLEDs and flexible OLEDs will still maintain a positive operating profit as a whole, but the overall profit margin is not expected to be large due to the LCD's loss.
Samsung monitors operating loss of 76 billion won (about 64 million U.S. dollars) in the LCD business in the fourth quarter of 2015. It is estimated that the loss in the first quarter of 2016 will increase to about 150 billion won about twice as much. Sales and operating profit from the OLED segment also dropped slightly, and the overall operating profit is expected to plunge to 60 billion won from 299 billion won in the fourth quarter.
Sales of large-size OLED panel-based Lejin display, the performance of the first quarter is probably more dangerous due to the continued large-scale OLED business losses, coupled with even the main source of income LCD business losses have become larger relationship It is expected that the operating profit of the first quarter of LG Display will turn from profit to loss. Although the operating profit in the fourth quarter of 2015 reached 60.6 billion won, it is hard to avoid writing off a deficit of 60 billion to 90 billion won in the first quarter.
As the main cause of the large-size OLED panel continued to suffer losses, the performance of LG Display Q1 was very gloomy. The estimated deficit of 2015 LG Display in the OLED division is about 800 billion won. By 2016, due to the increase of OLED panel customers and yield improvement, the deficit is expected to be reduced to 500 billion won, but the main source of revenue LCD business downturn, so the larger the deficit is unavoidable.
The securities industry predicts that the downward trend in LCD panel prices will ease from the second quarter onwards, the inventory burden on TV manufacturers will decrease and the performance of panel makers will also gradually improve. Not only Korean panel companies, but mainland Chinese industry players will also increase the proportion of large-size panel production. As a whole, the industry is able to reduce LCD inventory and give a positive assessment.
Li Yuanzhi, a researcher at Hana financial investment, said some panel products are likely to rise in price as TV makers start hoarding panel inventories in anticipation of Mainland Labor Day holiday, so panel prices are expected to gradually increase from the second quarter To stabilize.

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