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Company News >> New LCD technology gives you a clearer VR display 4K is no longer a dream 9th,March,2018
                                                 The new LCD technology gives you a clearer VR display, making 4K no longer a dream. Screen resolution continues to increase at an alarming rate. More than a decade ago, most people were still using 576i and 480i standard-definition screens. After HD became mainstream, 720p and 1080p had become the norm, and now 2160p (4K) came.
These new resolutions are often used for larger displays where the individual pixels do not have to be crowded. However, a new technology called blue phase liquid crystal may change this situation.
The Optical Society reported that using this new technology, the pixel density per inch on an iPhone-sized screen can reach 1500ppi.
If this technology can be applied on a large scale, it is not the TV that benefits the most, but the VR screen - the highest possible resolution into a small screen close to the eyes.
Blue-phase LCDs, unlike the nematic liquid crystals commonly found in current LCD displays, use red, green, and blue sub-pixels as filters. When light from the LED backlight passes, they combine to produce various shades. However, the blue phase panel has LEDs that can quickly switch between the three colors so that only a single color can be perceived by the eye. This eliminates the need for a filter at all and greatly reduces the amount of space required for each pixel.
This method also reduces the total voltage required to create the image, making it more energy efficient.
The research team is working on a working prototype and the forecast can be completed next year. If it goes well, then this technology can be applied to VR heads to achieve a clearer image.
This monitor has been conceptually in existence for nearly 10 years. In 2008, Samsung introduced a 15-inch prototype panel with a refresh rate of 240Hz, but so far it has not been used in volume products.

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