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Company News >> OLED panel too fire? Japanese LCD suppliers dumbfounded 13th,Feb,2017
                                 Apple iPhone has now formed a huge ecological supply chain, it's every change in the supply chain set off a "tsunami" -like big fluctuations, such as the iPhone 7 to use OLED panel rumors.
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                         Once the rumors are true, then the current supply of LCD panel for Apple's supplier orders will be significantly reduced. According to a recent report from Japan's panel maker JDI (Japan Display Inc), more than 50% of the company's revenue in 2015 comes from Apple's LCD panel orders.
                         In other words, Japan's JDI company must rely on Apple orders to survive, and the company does not have the conditions for the production of OLED panels. Once the iPhone uses OLED screen, it means that JDI will be devastating blow. Of course, by the current rumors, even if iPhone plans to start using OLED replacement LCD this year, the replacement cycle will be long. So JDI company should still have enough time to adjust their own strategies to deal with future Apple to reduce the issue of LCD orders.
                         It can be seen, although the iPhone to develop a three-year strategy to change the majority of consumers wait a little impatient. But the subjects that it still has some truth, after all, Apple in the above pull a hair, the following suppliers will move the whole body. So the generation of new iPhone available, Apple really need to take into account many aspects of the job ah.

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