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Company News >> Automotive OLED panel expected to take off in 2020 22th,March,2018
                                               Automotive OLED panel is expected to take off in 2020? Some Mercedes-Benz models will be adopted in 2020 and are expected to set off a wave of automotive OLED panels.

Korean media Business Korea reported on the 21st that people in the car industry revealed that Mercedes-Benz’s E-Class models in the first half of 2020 will be equipped with automotive OLED panels manufactured by LG Display (LGD). The future Mercedes-Benz S-Class and E-Class models will have OLED widescreens. This type of screen also has the functions of an instrument panel and a central display. It is expected that Mercedes-Benz will be the first depot in consumer models equipped with OLED panels.
More and more information needs to be displayed on the dashboard of the car, and the demand for high-resolution large screens has increased. At present, the in-vehicle displays of Volvo, Land Rover and Tesla are as large as the iPad. In addition, self-driving cars will become the mainstream in the future. Drivers and passengers will have more time to use the car infotainment system, and it will also benefit automotive OLEDs. According to people in the industry, the contrast of OLED images is better than that of liquid crystals (LCDs), and the environment inside the car is dim, which is more suitable for using OLEDs.
The outside world also predicts that the automotive OLED market will increase significantly in 2020. Ubi Research estimates that the in-vehicle panel size will increase from 6.7 inches in 2018 to 8.3 inches in 2022; automotive OLEDs will grow at a rate of 497% per year, and the market scale will increase from US$4 million to US$5,023 million. In 2022, the proportion of LCD panels for vehicles still reached 90%, but sales of OLEDs for automobiles increased significantly, accounting for 20.2% of OLED sales.

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