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Company News >> OLED's life? What is Apple's MicroLED screen technology 27th,March,2018
                                            Screen technology has been developing. Recently, the media broke the news that Apple is ready to try out the next generation of screen technology - Micro LED panel. This new screen will completely break the current screen technology, and Apple's actions also make Micro LED before the official arrival Full of eyeballs.

What is Micro LED?
Micro LEDs, also known as μLEDs or micro LEDs, consist of light-emitting diodes, and thus, like OLEDs, are self-illuminating screens.
The reason why it is called Micro LED is that the essence of this technology is to reduce and matrix the LEDs and to reduce the LED units to a level of less than 50 micrometers, thereby realizing single point driving self-luminous.

At present, the mainstream screen technology is TFT LCD and OLED. With the practical application of Micro LED, the screen technology may usher in a new round of reshuffle.
What are the advantages of Micro LEDs over LCDs and OLEDs?

Even if you do not understand the specific principles of the three screen technologies, it is not difficult to see from the above structure diagrams. One advantage of Micro LED is its thinness and its small size.
Compared with LCDs and OLEDs, Micro LED has the advantages of high efficiency, high brightness, high reliability, and reaction time of inorganic LEDs, and it is also easier to achieve energy-saving effects.

Micro LED, LCD and OLED contrast (higher is better)
In addition, Micro LED's luminous efficiency and luminous energy density are higher than that of LCD and OLED. The high luminous efficiency makes Micro LED's power consumption about 10% of LCD, 50% of OLED, and high luminous energy density makes Micro LED reach The same brightness requires only about 10% of the OLED coating area, but also can achieve ultra-high 1500 PPI (pixel density), the indicators are all very good in theory.
In addition, Micro LED is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios, including wearable smart devices, mobile phones, televisions, and even very large screens, with a wide range of applications.
Micro LED has obvious display effects and application advantages compared with LCD and OLED. However, LCD is still occupying the mainstream due to the more mature supply chain and low cost. However, with the rise of OLEDs and Micro LEDs, the elimination of LCDs is only a matter of time.

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