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Company News >> Interview with Samsung Display Team Jiang Changchun, LCD Market, Greater China 26th,Apr,2018
                                               1. What is Samsung's intention to participate in this CITE?
It is a great honour to be able to participate in the highest level information fair in China. Samsung shows great importance to the Chinese market.
To take this opportunity, we would like to introduce our outstanding technology, such as QD, curved surface, high resolution, high-brush frequency, and widescreen products to everyone, and hope to study the development direction of backward display technology with the industry.
2. What is Samsung’s outlook on the 18-year Chinese display market? What plan?
The overall display market has stagnated in recent years, but products with differentiated appearance, large size, high refresh rate, high pixel, wide screen, etc. that can provide consumers with other values ​​are continuing to grow. In particular, the needs of Chinese consumers are stronger, and the eyes of Chinese consumers are increasingly high-end. In such an environment, the total volume of the Chinese market may maintain its current level, but products with high added value, such as large-scale products, will continue to grow. Samsung Display will focus on these products and will lead the market for products that give consumers high value.
3. The recent e-sports display market is relatively active. How does Samsung display the corresponding market?
With the recent increase in the requirements for the configuration of computer-end graphics cards, the 144-Hz e-sports monitor is also very powerful.
Among them, the role of the Jedi for survival is very great. Consumers are now demanding more and more configurations, but because the prices of dedicated gaming monitors are too high, they are not widely used. Samsung Display cooperates with all machine manufacturers to focus on the market environment where users can easily access high refresh rate products.
This year, consumers will be able to easily access curved 144Hz monitors using Internet cafes or self-purchased forms. Let more consumers enjoy gaming in a better configuration such as 144Hz is our goal.
4. What is the characteristic of the surface 144Hz using the Samsung panel?
There are many kinds of 144Hz monitors. In the past, the 144Hz monitor with TN panel monopolized the market, and Samsung Display has invested a lot of resources in 17 years to develop a surface-free 144Hz panel (Super Vertical Alignment) with no light leakage and speckles for the production of high-quality monitor products. Most of the curved displays being sold in the market are using Samsung panels.
The characteristics of the curved surface; will allow game users to better invest in the game screen. And it has a beautiful appearance and research results that reduce eye fatigue. In addition, the advantages of the existing VA panels are further enhanced, wide viewing angles, rich colors, and excellent contrast between light and shade are achieved, so not only e-sports, but also other environments can enjoy the best quality experience.
5. Can you talk about the outlook for QD display?
QD is the future strategic product of our company. Consumers have great interest in the difference in display quality.
QD displays will be available in the second half of 18th and look forward to a revolutionary response in the display market.
Finally, I would like to express that “Our company will contribute to the expansion of the Chinese display market with high quality and reasonable prices.”

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618