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Company News >> The main components of the LCD display 17th,July,2018
                                        The LCD display consists of a protective film, a polarizing film, a glass substrate (including an XY driving circuit), an optical alignment film, a backlight assembly (CCFL or LED), and a screen drive circuit (the LVDS or TTL signal of the motherboard is processed into an electrical signal of a suitable screen) , metal frame and a small number of fastening screws, etc.
    The most complicated part of the glass substrate is that the two extremely thin glass has a micron-sized gap in the middle, filled with liquid crystal molecules, each pixel is a separate liquid crystal cell, and each liquid crystal cell has The electrode is connected to the control unit on the substrate. Each pixel here refers to one RGB, not one RGB, so to multiply the physical resolution pixel of the liquid crystal by 3, it is the real physical unit pixel, some special Like Sharp's new "four-color" LCD panel, with RGB plus "Y" (yellow), the physical unit pixels are four times the nominal resolution. Therefore, there are a large number of extremely fine electrodes and leads on the glass substrate, which is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye.
    The most common TN ordinary transmissive polarizer is a PVA film that produces polarized light in the middle, and then a TAV protective film is laminated on both sides, and a pressure sensitive adhesive is coated on both sides, and then coated with a release film.
    The pressure sensitive adhesive used is a high temperature moisture-proof pressure sensitive adhesive, and the PVA is specially dipped (dye series). The polarizer is a wide temperature type polarizer; the pressure sensitive adhesive used is added to prevent it. The UV-passing component can be made into an anti-UV polarizer; the birefringent optical compensation film can be composited on the transmission original film to form a polarizer for STN; and the light-transition film can be composited on the transmission original film. A wide viewing angle polarizer or a narrow viewing angle polarizer; coloring the pressure sensitive adhesive, PVA film or TAC film used, that is, a color polarizer. In practice, as new types of liquid crystal display products continue to be developed, the types of polarizers are becoming more and more selective.
    Commonly used TN type LCD liquid crystal display device has high reliability, long life and low cost; low working voltage (2-6V), micro power consumption, can be matched with CMOS circuit; display is soft, writing is clear, not afraid of strong light scouring, the stronger the illumination The greater the contrast, the better the display effect; the small size, light weight, flat type; simple design and production process; the size of the device can be large or small; the display content can be more or less in the same display surface, and the display characters and symbols can be designed. Beautiful and generous.

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