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Company News >> Apple cleaning LCD new machine project member new machine listed or postponed 1st,August,2018
                                              According to sources, Apple recently cleaned up its internal mobile phone operations team, affected by project members responsible for the 2018 6.1-inch LCD new machine, mainly suspected of having an internal operations team member. In dealing with upstream supplier order allocation and manufacturing cost accounting, it has harmed Apple's interests and caused batch quality problems in 6.1-inch LCD new-volume production products.

Affected by this incident, Apple began to adjust the progress of the 6.1-inch LCD new machine project from last month, and all relevant production arrangements involved were suspended, waiting for an investigation from Apple Group.

Due to the suspension of production of some suppliers responsible for this project, the progress of Apple's new 6.1-inch LCD is still being postponed. Apple hopes to investigate the incident before the end of this month and get these unqualified supplies. The internal correction report of the business, as well as the relevant compliance assurance measures, will be released after the processing of Apple will release the new order ranking plan.

Apple began to unify the next-generation model interface this year, and took Qi Liuhai's comprehensive screen as the standard for new-listed models. At the same time, in order to attract more new and old users into the ranks of the replacement machine, Apple also upgraded a traditional LCD display technology model. In the same situation as the previous standard models, the LCD display was also designed. Qi Liuhai mode.

Even though Apple introduced a new model of OLED display this year, it reduced the two LCD display models last year to one, but Apple still has a new production quota for a new LCD display. The increase was about 70 million orders, of which the LCD display was produced by Apple's previously invested LTPS panel production line.

According to the Taiwan media "Economic Daily" report, after the investigation of Fubon Investment Survey, it was discovered that this year, Apple originally intended to order the new 6.1-inch LCD version of the OEM from Hon Hai (TW.2317), Heshuo and Wei. Created a joint apportionment, but because Apple first came out of the test sample products processed by Wistron in March this year, there was a quality control doubt, touching the sensitive nerves of apples. At that time, there were still apples from outside, so the order of Wistron was recycled. This shows that Apple has already paid enough attention to the 2018 6.1-inch LCD new machine project.

There is even a transfer of Apple's order-recycling action for Wistron, downgrading the production plan for the 2018 6.1-inch LCD new machine, from the original 70 million units, to 40 million units, and let the 6.1-inch LCD at once. The new machine's mass production plan has lost 30 million units and is preparing to improve the production schedule of the new OLED machine.

At the time, Wistron did not comment on this, but the relevant issues should have occurred since then. Previously, supply chain sources told Li Xing that in order to avoid the delay in shipping due to problems with the supply of Face ID last year, Apple was about 20 days ahead of schedule this year, allowing suppliers to launch this year's new iPhone production. Since Apple has been using LCD display technology for various products for many years, and with the processing of Qi Liu's comprehensive screen, JDI and Wistron have long experience in mass production and shipping, Apple has no mass production for the new LCD display. Doubts on the issue.

However, what really caused Apple’s anger was that the first batch of trial yields in May was zero. Rising Sun Display and Touch Learn from the industry that the final installed test yield of the new 6.1-inch LCD new machine is zero.

According to Li Xing, the biggest problem with the 6.1-inch LCD touch display module is the display brightness index. Apple hopes that the new 6.1-inch LCD touch display module will remain in brightness. The in-cell in-cell touch display is roughly equivalent, but the new 6.1-inch LCD touch display module uses a GF plug-in touch screen, so there is a certain degree of reduction in brightness. Can not reach Apple's previously scheduled indicators.

To improve the brightness of the 6.1-inch LCD version of the touch module, the main links include the structural design and raw material selection of LCD, backlight, touch screen and other devices. From the news of the current industry chain, Apple has at least ruled out the problems of LCD panels, and has begun to require panel manufacturers to start production at the beginning of this month.

In addition, in the 2018 6.1-inch LCD new machine Qi Liu Hai special-shaped processing and display touch module assembly part, Apple did not find errors in quality control, from the current situation, Wistron and JDI in the display device There was no quality control problem in the cooperation. Wistron did not lose Apple's order, and Apple still maintained the original order plan.

In this way, the key to the problem may be in the design, materials and processing of the backlight or touch screen. If the LCD panel parameters cannot solve the problem of reducing the brightness of the display touch module, then it is only necessary to use a higher backlight and a higher transmittance touch screen to improve the brightness.

In order to improve the brightness of the backlight, in addition to the optical design optimization of the backlight panel, one is to increase the brightness of the LED chip, and the other is to improve the optical efficiency of the backlight optical film. The method for improving the light transmittance of the touch screen is to add more optically enhanced plating on the surface of each optical material layer constituting the touch screen, that is, the SENSOR color absorbing process often mentioned in the industry, and the antireflection resistance of the glass cover plate. Anti-process.

At present, the industry has vaguely guessed that Apple's 6.1-inch LCD version shows that the touch module has problems. It should focus on the backlight and touch screen. As for which suppliers are dragging Apple's hind legs, Apple is now Certainly it will not be announced.

However, it is certain that Apple has launched an emergency preparation program to ensure that the new 6.1-inch LCD version will be unveiled at the launch conference in September, and a small number of products will be on the market. However, in any case, the improper action between Apple insiders and suppliers caused the project to be postponed for nearly three months.

People familiar with the Apple ordering process said that even if the supply chain problem can be completely resolved at the end of the month, Apple does not need to recycle the orders of relevant suppliers, so that everyone will start working hard next month, this 6.1-inch LCD version A large number of new machines will also be extended for at least one and a half to two months.

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