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Company News >> What are the cleaning methods for the LCD screen protective film? 14th,August,2018
                                     Experts point out that with the popularity of electronic devices, the consumer market for electronic LCD screens is becoming more and more popular, and LCD LCD screens are widely used.
Computers, televisions and many other electronic products. Because of its high cost, people want to better protect the LCD screen of electronic products.
, so often choose some lcd LCD screen protection film to stick on it, this way to protect the LCD screen of electronic products, but also to
Enough to extend the use of electronic products.

Nowadays, the electronic products sold on the market are generally put on the screen protector when they are sold, but after using for a while, they will find that there are very many screens.
Grays, especially those who use laptops, are annoyed with these problems. First of all, you can consider the special cleaning of the LCD screen protective film.
The agent is that the surface of the LCD screen is cleaner. It is worth noting here that you should never try to wipe the screen with a soft cloth and paper towels used in daily life.
Curtain, because it is easy to scratch the LCD screen protective film to know that it is very delicate. Also choose a dedicated LCD screen saver
The soft fiber cloth for film wiping, which is softer than the cloth used in normal times, can provide better cleaning and protection for the screen.

 LCD LCD screens can sometimes cost 2/3 of the entire electronic device, and its price is still relatively high, so clean the LCD screen saver
When paying attention to the film, be sure to pay attention to the method. Do not take it for granted, so it is easy to scratch the protective film, if it is to be replaced.
A protective film on the screen is not worth it, so be careful when cleaning. And to develop a good time to clean up and clean up in time

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