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Company News >> Say goodbye to the era of high power consumption, researchers to develop mobile phone power-saving technology, can save 25%? 21th,August,2018
                                          Mobile phone power saving has always been one of the most important aspects of all mobile phone manufacturers, because it will directly affect the endurance of each mobile phone. The current mobile phone power problem has greatly affected the efficiency of people's lives. It is said that the mobile phone without high endurance has already indicated that it has been eliminated.

Recently, Professor of the University of Waterloo collaborated with researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology to publish a study detailing the use of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens to save energy on Android smartphones. New method. This new technology is very different from traditional power-saving applications because it allows the OLED screen to illuminate only a single pixel to better save power.

Most of the current power-saving applications on the market save power by limiting phone performance and disabling features, but this new power-saving method is very different, they work by actively dimming part of the screen of the OLED screen. By leveraging Android's new multi-window feature, this app will specifically reduce the brightness of a portion of the screen, showing the final power saving effect of "10% to 25%" in lab tests.

This technology works thanks to the technical work behind the OLED screen, which, unlike traditional liquid crystal display (LCD) screens, does not require backlighting and can turn each pixel on and off. And its backlit LCD panel still needs energy to display black, and the OLED screen can simply turn its pixels. Not only does this reduce the energy consumption of the OLED screen, but it also provides greater contrast, allowing most OLED screens to display more vivid colors than LCD screens.

Some people may question the reduction of screen brightness, not all the functions of the mobile phone, but this is not the overall reduction of the screen brightness in the ordinary sense, it is to reduce the screen lighting point for work, only to reduce the unnecessary part of the screen. For example, when you receive a text message, only a single pixel on the screen may be lit. Only the message is displayed. Most screens are still off. It is more energy efficient than when the entire screen is completely lit after receiving a text message. Are you looking forward to this new way to save power?

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