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Company News >> LCD liquid crystal display classification introduction 24th,August,2018
                                               TN liquid crystals generally have a short molecular chain and it is difficult to adjust the characteristic parameters, so the difference in characteristics is obvious. STN liquid crystal is a STN display data model, which calculates the required liquid crystal molecule length and its optical electrical performance parameters, and then chemically synthesizes monomers with different molecular molecular groups with similar molecular chain structures, and prepares each other into one. A series of liquid crystals with similar characteristics. Different series of STN liquid crystals often have completely different molecular chains. Therefore, different series of STN liquid crystals cannot be blended with each other unless the manufacturer can explain each other. The liquid crystal molecule has a polar group and a non-polar group, and the liquid crystal monomer with a polar group molecule mainly determines the threshold voltage parameter of the mixed liquid crystal, and the liquid crystal monomer without the polar group molecule It mainly determines the refractive index and clearing point of the mixed liquid crystal. The isomer chromatographic phenomenon occurs in a monomer having a polar group in a liquid crystal and a monomer having no polar group under standing conditions. In order to increase the standby time of the machine itself and enhance the driving ability of the liquid crystal display, the liquid crystal manufacturer has developed a low threshold voltage liquid crystal which can be used under low voltage and low frequency conditions. It has the following characteristics: The low-value voltage liquid crystal has a shorter time for the polar group-exciting monomer and the non-polar group-forming monomer to exhibit isomer chromatography under standing conditions. More monomer components with polar groups also mean that liquid crystals are more likely to bind water molecules and other free ions with polarities, thereby reducing the capacitive resistance of the liquid crystal, resulting in increased leakage current and power consumption. Big. When the molecular chain of the polar liquid crystal monomer is excited by ultraviolet rays, the polar molecular groups are easily entangled with each other to form a neutral molecular group, which becomes a non-layered staggered state, thereby causing an increase in the threshold voltage and anchor to the guiding layer. The fixed action is not sensitive and loses the low voltage drive capability.
A classification of the LCD screen:
 According to the display type: TN type liquid crystal display, STN type liquid crystal display, HTN type liquid crystal display;
 According to clear points: ordinary LCD screen, wide temperature LCD screen;
According to the threshold voltage: low threshold voltage liquid crystal display, ordinary liquid crystal display, high threshold voltage liquid crystal display.

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