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Company News >> Chuangwang develops AMOLED display designed for VR head display with resolution up to 2228 28th,August,2018
                                     Recently, Taiwan's display design company INT (Chuangwang) announced that it is developing an AMOLED display designed specifically for VR head-mounted display. The PPI of this screen is as high as 2228. According to INT, the AMOLEDs developed are cheaper and can be made into larger sizes, which significantly increase the FOV of the head display.

Because INT does not specify the size of the panel, it is not known what VR hardware it is suitable for. However, considering that the company says it can be produced in larger sizes, this product is likely to be a smaller display.

At present, the leading pixel density in the market is Samsung Odyssey and HTC Vive Pro, both of which are 615 ppi. Therefore, the new INT display should be about 390% higher than the Rift and about 260% higher than the Samsung Odyssey. It is reported that INT will display the display on the SID that opened on May 22.

5G will drive the development of VR and AR devices at ultra-high data rates beyond 100 times the current 4G. INT Tech said that their proprietary UHPD (Ultra High Pixel Density Display) technology will be the catalyst for these breakthroughs.

Currently, virtual reality experiences are limited by inherent display barriers such as screen window effects, visual convergence adjustment conflicts, and small field of view. INT's founder Dr. Zhu Ketai and his team successfully built the first 2228 ppi AMOLED display on a glass substrate. They pointed out that this product can greatly alleviate the screen window effect and screen door effect and visual convergence adjustment conflict when combined with the light field technology method. Compared to current silicon-based high-ppi display solutions, glass-based displays are more affordable and can support larger sizes, significantly increasing the field of view.

According to OLEDindustry, Zhu Ketai has stayed with AUO and Tongbao. In 2012, he went to China to assist the Shanghai government to invest in Hehui Optoelectronics. Zhu Ketai, the former general manager of China’s first AMOLED panel, quietly returned to Taiwan in early 2016. Wang is a technology company focused on developing cutting-edge technologies. .

This time, Zhu Ketai no longer covers the factory. He hopes to use the Knowhow in the AMOLED industry to start in the flexible panel field. He calls on the Taiwan panel industry to combine the ATeam platform in the middle, middle and lower reaches to find out the Taiwanese industry. A living road to attack the flexible electronic application business opportunity of up to NT$40 trillion.

However, in the past two years, Zhu Ketai, the CEO of King of the Year, has rarely appeared in the display circle, but OLED Industr found that Zhu Ketai met with Zhang Yuzhuo, member of the Standing Committee of Tianjin Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Binhai New Area Party Committee on March 30, 2018.

According to news reports at the time, Zhang Yuzhuo said that the electronic information industry in the new district has a sound development foundation, sufficient talents and broad prospects. It is hoped that Chuangwang Optoelectronics will give full play to its technological advantages, actively attract financial support, accelerate the industrialization of technology in the new district, and boost the electronic information industry in the new district to a new level.

Zhu Ketai said that the development environment of the new district is superior and the development foundation is good. Chuangwang Optoelectronics will actively rely on the new district, give full play to its technological advantages, promote technology industrialization as soon as possible, and strive to achieve more cooperation results. However, Zhu Ketai and Tianjin have not yet seen relevant cooperation reports.

There has been no update status. The AMOLED display with high PPI and VR is re-launched to show the front desk. In addition, it will be able to see the future development of Chuangwang in the near future.

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