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Company News >> Samsung's supply of folding OLED panels to Chinese mobile phones can achieve a win-win situation 4th,Sep,2018
                                              According to media reports, Samsung, the world's small and medium-sized OLED panel leader, has decided to supply folding OLED panels to Chinese mobile phone companies OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, etc. in order to rapidly expand the ecology of folding mobile phones. Compared with its previous hyperbolic OLED panels, it is only exclusive to its own mobile phones. In terms of supply, Samsung has made significant changes. The author believes that this move has great significance for Samsung and Chinese mobile phone companies, and it is expected to achieve a win-win situation.
Chinese mobile phone companies are good at marketing
The comprehensive screen design was originally developed by Sharp. Since 2013, it has launched 28 full-screen mobile phones. However, these mobile phones have a strong influence in the global market. This design has not brought too much to the global mobile phone market. change.
In 2016, Xiaomi's Xiaomi mix brought a huge impact to the global smartphone market with a comprehensive screen design. The name of the full screen is also popular in the smart phone industry due to Xiaomi mix; it is similar in self-timer, early Samsung and Apple Shooting has its own advantages, but they do not realize the importance of self-portrait. One of the important reasons for the rise of OPPO and vivo in the Chinese market is that they recognize the importance of self-timer and take selfie as their important selling point in China. Under the guidance of mobile phones, Samsung and Apple are also increasingly aware of the importance of the self-timer function, which highlights the fact that Chinese mobile phone companies do have a lot in marketing.
However, Chinese mobile phone companies have great shortcomings in technology research and development. In addition to making great progress in mobile phone chips, Huawei’s mobile phone chips are close to Qualcomm, and other high-end mobile phone components rely on imports, especially for the current Samsung, a powerful mobile phone industry chain, relies heavily on it.
Samsung's powerful mobile phone industry chain
Samsung is the world's largest mobile phone brand. Its strong competitive advantage has a lot to do with the mobile phone industry chain it owns. It ranks first in the world in the market of memory chips and small and medium-sized OLED panels, in CMOS and chips. Design, chip manufacturing and other aspects are in the forefront of the global industry, and the strong mobile phone industry chain allows it to have continuous hardware innovation capabilities.
However, Samsung has some shortcomings in marketing. In fact, it also has its own advantages in terms of comprehensive screen. The hyperbolic OLED screen developed in 2015 has made the screen share of mobile phones reach a new height, and the screen ratio has been global. The mobile phone industry is in a leading position, but its all-in-one curved screen has not become a trend in the smart phone industry. In 2016, Xiaomi's Xiaomi mix has achieved a high-screen ratio with another design, which makes the full screen popular worldwide. .
The conservativeness in marketing has led Samsung to repeatedly fail to turn its technological advantages into market competitive advantages, and cooperation with Chinese mobile phone companies can change this situation, which may be the reason why it chose to supply folding OLED panels to Chinese mobile phone companies. .
Samsung and Chinese mobile phone companies cooperate to achieve a win-win situation
In terms of research and development of folding OLED screens, Samsung has gained a leading edge in this technology with its leading edge in small and medium-sized OLED panel technology. However, whether this technology can become a trend in the smartphone industry is obviously risky. At this time, it was decided to supply the folded OLED panel to the Chinese mobile phone enterprise. The Chinese mobile phone enterprise can test the market. If the folding screen mobile phone is accepted by the market, Samsung can launch a higher-tech folding screen mobile phone to seize the market.
If the folding OLED screen mobile phone becomes a trend, Samsung can also make a big profit in the small and medium size OLED panel market. In 2017, the small and medium size OLED panel business has become Samsung's second largest profit source. At present, Samsung's mobile phone business profit contribution has been lower than semiconductor, small and medium-sized OLED panels and other services, which is due to its decline in the global smartphone market share, but Chinese smartphone companies rely on Samsung for high-end components. In another way, the lucrative profits of the smartphone industry have been obtained, which is why it is willing to share the folded OLED panel technology to Chinese mobile phone companies.
Samsung and China's mobile phones have entered a stage of complex competition. The two sides are direct competitors in the smart phone market. Chinese mobile phones have grabbed Samsung's market share in the global smart phone market. After China's mobile phones have won a large market share, they are pushing high-end. The market expansion has led to their increased reliance on Samsung's important component suppliers, and even has to pay a huge price to purchase components from Samsung. It is said that OPPO and vivo complain that Samsung's OLED panel price is too high but to ensure OLED The supply of panels is willing to pay a huge amount of gold.
Perhaps it is based on the complexity of this competition and Samsung's own weakness in marketing, let it make the decision to supply folding mobile OLED panels to Chinese mobile phone companies to ensure their own interests, of course, for Chinese mobile phones. This is also beneficial for enterprises. The introduction of advanced technology folding OLED screen mobile phones by Chinese mobile phone companies will help them enter the high-end mobile phone market, which is a favorable result for both parties.

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