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Company News >> New development of China's OLED, developed new technology, breaking the LCD LCD market 12th,Sep,2018
                                            China has always had a big problem on the OLED screen. First, the yield is low, resulting in high prices, and the market application rate is extremely low. LCD LCD screens value this point and seize most of the small household appliances market. , ratio LCD TV, furniture, computer, mobile phone.
   Since 2016, OLED companies have valued the future market as OLED screens. In order to survive, technical experts have worked hard to innovate and develop new technologies that will break the LCD LCD market. For example, New Vision Corporation of South China University of Technology has developed full-color flexibility. The display screen broke the monopoly of foreign technology and developed a color LCD display with real bendability.

    Jinrun electronic LCD experts pointed out that LCD LCDs must acquire the market in the future, and must strive to innovate, or strive to transform. In order to survive.
According to reports, this film is called "full-color flexible AMOLED liquid crystal display", which involves a number of key technologies independently developed by New Vision, including flexible plastic substrates, TFT thin film transistors, OLED luminescent materials and devices, and film packaging. Core Technology.
It is said that the development of the display began in 2009, is a major special project of the "863" flat panel display of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the goal is to overcome the core key technology of OLED display - TFT backplane technology. At present, the project has achieved breakthroughs, and South China University of Technology promotes the establishment of a new vision company, and strives to rapidly promote the industrial application of independent technology.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618