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Company News >> LCD and LED LCD work the same principle 22th,Oct,2018
                                         LCD Chinese literal translation LCD, LED Chinese literal translation LED. As can be seen from the name, LCD refers to the imaging technology, and LED is the lighting technology.
     LCD is just a big classification, that is, liquid crystal display technology, through the optical rotation of liquid crystal molecules, the specific technology is divided into many sub-technologies according to different liquid crystal molecules, electrode arrangement, such as STN TFT AV IPS, etc. The same essence, the use of liquid crystal technology, but the effect is slightly different, such as STN is very power-saving but the color is less true, TFT color is very real but the viewing angle is small.
     LEDs are also just a classification, that is, light-emitting diodes (herein referred to as white light-emitting diodes due to their use as backlights). The technology of LED is relatively simple, but according to the arrangement of LED backlight, it is divided into two types: side-in and straight-down. The side-in type TV is very thin, but the screen brightness is slightly uneven and saves electricity. Straight-down LEDs are slightly thicker, but the backlight is uniform, allowing for zone control and higher contrast. LED backlight technology has a longer life span than CCFL backlight, and has a wider color gamut. It has no obvious disadvantages compared with CCFL and has gradually become mainstream.

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