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Company News >> Why is the TN panel still not dying? 9th,Nov,2018
                                           Why is the TN panel still not dead?

With the popularity of IPS, VA, PLS and other wide viewing angle panels, TN panels with obvious color drift problems have become synonymous with "low end", coupled with people's attention to the performance and experience of liquid crystal displays and the improvement of people's economic level. Even if the price is low, people are unacceptable for the TN panel, but why is the TN panel still not dead?

Why is the TN panel still not dying?

As early as 2009, it was said that the TN panel was about to die, but in fact, the TN panel is still active in the market. Why is this? The author is concerned that although many users will dismiss the display of the TN panel, the merchant still has not abandoned the TN panel, apparently because it is also profitable.

Earlier, TN panels became the most widely used entry-level LCD panels due to low production costs. With low price advantages, TN panels are still in use today, but with the popularity of wide viewing angle panels and lower cost prices, TN The price advantage of the panel has shrunk dramatically, but it is not without merit.

The emergence of e-sports saved the TN panel

Why the TN panel is still not dead, mainly because the popularity of e-sports has saved it. For professional e-sports players, the fast response time is very important. When the LCD monitor first appeared, the response time was not fast enough, and the picture smear phenomenon was very serious. Many players would instead use CRT, just because CRT The display has no smear.

Now, the biggest competitive advantage of the TN panel is also here. The TN panel can easily achieve a response time of 1ms, but the wide viewing angle panel is difficult to reach 1ms in response speed due to the alignment of the liquid crystal molecules. Response time. Therefore, consumers have seen many high-end gaming displays, but instead use TN panels.

to sum up:

The TN panel has now moved to two extremes, either as low as four or five hundred yuan, or as a high-end gaming display of around 5,000 yuan. It can be said that the emergence of the e-sports display has saved the TN panel, making it a long-term place in the field of liquid crystal display. However, in fact, some wide-view displays have already reached the rapid response time of 1ms, and the advantages of the TN panel have been weakened again. It is still waiting to be maintained in the future.

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