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Company News >> Samsung stopped the transparent OLED production line and changed the production of small and medium size OLED panels 26th,Nov,2018
                                     Samsung Display (Samsung Display) used transparent OLED as a strategic product for next-generation displays. However, after evaluation, it seems that due to poor market development in the short term, it has recently been decided to stop mass production, and future production lines will be converted into small and medium-sized production. For OLED panels.

According to the Korean media MoneyToday report, it is rumored that Samsung Display recently decided to stop mass production of transparent OLED displays. Before the end of 2016, the transparent OLED display production line (V1) of the Toyama Plant in Korea will be changed to produce small and medium-sized OLED panels.

Samsung first released a transparent OLED display in June 2015 at the Retail Asia Expo in Hong Kong International Convention Center to showcase the world's first 55-inch transparent display. With a 45% light transmission, Full HD high resolution, and a color gamut close to 100%, a good evaluation similar to general glass was obtained.

Later, in September and October 2015, Samsung actively introduced its own transparent display at the International Appliances Expo (IFA 2015) and the International Information Display Exhibition (IMID 2015), and said that it will officially enter commercialization in 2016. Stage; the glass window of the store, the car glass, the living appliances, etc. are all potential market demand objects.

In January 2016, Samsung chose to install six 55-inch transparent displays in BMW's flagship store in Incheon, South Korea, forming a total of 152-inch ultra-large transparent OLED display video wall, revealing that Samsung had actively wanted to use transparent displays to guide the display space such as shopping malls. Attempt.

A related person in the Korean industry said that it seems that it has not yet reached the stage of planning the transparent infrastructure as a store infrastructure. Therefore, one of the reasons for Samsung to decide to stop mass production of transparent OLEDs is that Samsung is considering the current market downturn and the timing is still not mature. In addition, due to the surge in demand for small and medium-sized OLED panels from Apple and the mainland smart phone industry, Samsung has also stepped up its demand for expansion of production lines.

According to Samsung Display related sources, the scale of the transparent OLED business is too small, so it may not be called mass production interruption. In the future, the company will continue to develop new generation display products.

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