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Company News >> Fingerprint recognition mobile phone into the mainstream, rigid OLED and LTPS LCD prices closer 22th,April,2019
                                    According to Taiwan media reports, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo and vivo have successively extended the fingerprint recognition function from the high-end flagship to the mid-end products, which has led to the improvement of the fingerprint identification market scale. The price of the OLED panel and the LTPS LCD panel that identify the advantages are also closer.

Although the iPhone's fingerprint identification market only left the Android camp alone after the adoption of the Face ID technology, fingerprint recognition did not decline. In fact, the launch of Face ID once made the outside world worry about the future development of fingerprint recognition. However, with Synaptics and Huiding Technology, optical fingerprint recognition solutions were launched in 2018. In addition to being compatible with the comprehensive screen design of mobile phones, this solution also has advantages in cost, thus attracting many mobile phone brands to join the ranks of optical fingerprint recognition.

In addition, Samsung also released the world's first flagship mobile phone Galaxy S10 series with ultrasonic screen fingerprint recognition technology in early 2019, and Qualcomm provides core algorithms and GIS modules. At the same time, Qualcomm also announced that it will launch the second generation of fingerprint recognition technology under the ultrasonic screen in the second half of the year, and the fingerprint recognition area will be multiplied, which makes the future development of fingerprint recognition highly concerned by the market.

Under-screen fingerprint recognition is to hide the touch module under the display panel. Through the related algorithm, the user can perform fingerprint recognition on a certain area on the display panel. This technology enables the smart phone to realize a truly comprehensive screen. Since the LCD panel can not support the fingerprint recognition under the screen at present, the technical advantage of the OLED panel in carrying the fingerprint recognition under the screen is very obvious. As the price of the fingerprint recognition module under the screen decreases, the fingerprint recognition technology also becomes the difference of the major mobile phone brands. Selling points.

At present, rigid OLED panels with screen fingerprint recognition have become the choice of many mobile phone brands. As the panel manufacturer with the most rigid OLED production capacity, Samsung Display strategically reduces the price difference between rigid OLED and LTPS LCD panels, and also increases the number of rigid OLED panels used by domestic mobile phone brands.

At present, the price difference between the rigid OLED panel and the LTPS LCD panel has dropped to less than $5. Coupled with the influence of the fingerprint recognition technology under the screen, it is expected that the extrusion of the LTPS LCD technology by the rigid OLED will be more obvious. According to AVC Revo, the LTPS LCD panel will lose about 30 million mobile phone panel market in 2019.

In the case of a rigid OLED against the LTPS LCD panel, the LTPS LCD pressure suddenly increases. At present, LCD-equipped screen fingerprint recognition has become the primary solution for the LTPS camp against rigid OLED panels. Major panel manufacturers have also developed samples with off-screen fingerprint recognition.

In addition, the LTPS LCD panel camp is also developing a solution for under-screen fingerprint recognition, which is expected to take some time to launch.

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