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Company News >> The potential of the car display market is large. BOE/Vicano/Deep Tianma/JDI and other enterprises accelerate the layout. 24th,April,2019
                                          In 2018, affected by factors such as trade protection and economic downturn, the global vehicle sales market declined. According to data from the China Automobile Association, the sales volume of cars in mainland China in 2008 was 28.081 million, down 2.8% year-on-year, making it the first negative growth in mainland China in 28 years.

In the downturn of the overall car market, the shipment volume of the car display has also been affected. According to the data of Qunzhi Consulting, the total shipment of vehicle display panels in the whole year of 2018 is about 160 million pieces (excluding after-installation), an increase of about 6% year-on-year. In 2019, the car display panel is expected to ship 170 million pieces, an increase of about 5% year-on-year, and the growth rate will continue to decline.

Judging from the global car panel shipment rankings in 2018, JDI still dominates, up about 5% year-on-year. Due to the increase in vehicle display sales in the third and fourth quarters, LGD's sales jumped second. The third to sixth AUO, Shenzhen Tianma, Innolux, etc., the deepest horse growth rate is the highest, with a year-on-year growth rate of about 26%.

2018 global car panel shipments ranking

Although the growth rate of vehicle display slows down, its huge market potential has become an important application area for many panel manufacturers to compete for competition. Panel manufacturers such as JDI, LGD, BOE, Tianma, Innolux and AUO have arranged.


As a leading company in the global automotive display application market, JDI has been leading the development trend of the vehicle display market for many years. The company has already operated the vehicle display business as a strategic focus, and the vehicle display business will continue to grow.

At CITE 2019, JDI brought two new products, a 12.3-inch curved display and a 10.2-inch ln-cell LCD, again leading the trend of flexibility and thinness in the automotive display market.

It is understood that the 12.3-inch curved car display has a resolution of 1920 x 720, a radius of curvature of R800 ~ R1500, and a brightness of 1000cd / m2, which makes the design of the car cockpit more fashionable and novel. The 10.2-inch ln-cell LCD uses an integrated touch display integrated technology to make the display lighter and thinner without external touch electrode glass. At the same time, the display can be operated by CID to reduce noise problems.


In the first quarter of this year, LG Display sold the 100 millionth automotive display panel. Since entering the field in 2005, as of now, LGD has produced a total of 1.5 million square meters of product, equivalent to the area of ​​200 football fields. According to LGD, the company's goal is to achieve sales of 2 trillion won (about 1.762 billion US dollars) in the car display market in 2021.

Display Vehicle's professional role as Shen Zhengyi said: "In the future of the unmanned era, the scope of application of the vehicle display will be broader, and the company will continue to introduce more innovative products such as car curling and transparent display."

At CES 2019, LG Display brought a stunning oversized 29-inch Full Dashboard display solution with a 12.3-inch QHD central display based on P-OLED (Plastic OLED) Center Information Display (CID) panel, 12.8-inch center console (Center-Fascia) and other innovative products, including the world's largest size 12.3-inch OLED transparent car display products with a light transmittance of 45% for the first time. These innovative in-vehicle display products showcase the leading power of LG Display's in-vehicle display, making the design of high-end in-vehicle displays more possibilities.

LG Display (LGD), as a POLED latecomer, accelerates the growth of the automotive OLED display business. In order to ensure that the advantages of small-size OLEDs are obvious, the competitors are different from the competitors. LGD is targeting the “display new blue sea” vehicle market in the POLED field. With the rapid development of the integration of automobiles and IT, the use space and demand for in-vehicle displays that provide drivers with diverse information are also increasing. LGD also considers that although the current car display is mainly used for navigation and entertainment video screens, the scope of future display applications will be developed to the entire dashboard.

LGD started from the supply of high-end automotive displays such as Mercedes-Benz in Europe in 2003. The current POLED has grown to nearly 20% of the total POLED business, and even rises to the important position of the POLED production line.

Recently, Dongxu Optoelectronics and its wholly-owned subsidiary Sichuan Xuhong Optoelectronics jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement with LGD. Industry insiders pointed out that Dongxu Optoelectronics and LGD deepen cooperation, will achieve complementary advantages and form a strong competitive advantage - Dongxu Optoelectronics has solid technical barriers in the cover glass field, Xuhong Optoelectronics has the original cover glass and hot bend The production process of the technology industry chain has great advantages, and the automation degree of curved surface equipment has reached the international leading level. LGD currently ranks among the top two in the world in the field of in-vehicle display segmentation. As the cooperation deepens, both parties will continue to benefit.

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