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Company News >> Guangzhou lights up the world's first H-QLED inkjet printing prototype that combines quantum dots and OLED advantages 13th,May,2019
                                                Consolidate the start, strengthen new kinetic energy

Guangdong Juhua National Printing and Flexible Display Innovation Center successfully lit 31-inch full HD printed OLED display with leading performance in China; launched 400ppi ultra-high resolution printing AM-OLED display prototype, which is the highest resolution reported by printing technology Display device; manufactures the world's first inkjet printed H-QLED display prototype that combines the advantages of quantum dots and OLED technology;

Blonde Technology has developed “Complete Biodegradable Plastics”, the only fully biodegradable plastics company in Asia that has mastered the core technologies of polymerization, modification and end applications;

Guangzhou Automobile Group established the world's first energy comprehensive utilization plant to build a solar roof with 52,000 photovoltaic panels, generating 16.77 million kWh of electricity per year, accounting for 15% of the factory's full load of electricity;

These companies have a common feature - made in Guangzhou. The reporter learned from the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information that the output value of the new material industry in Guangzhou last year was about 273.6 billion yuan. There are 1,008 key new materials enterprises, including 2 billion-level enterprises and 27 billion-level enterprises. Guangzhou is bravely advancing on the road to creating the “city of display in the world”.


"Rolled up with newspaper TV" sighs morning tea

In January of this year, Juhua exhibited the world's first inkjet printing H-QLED display prototype that combines the advantages of quantum dots (QD) and OLED at the CES show in the United States, which is eye-catching. Also this year, Juhua successfully produced and lit a 31-inch ultra-high definition (UHD/4K) printed OLED display with a resolution of 3840×2160, a brightness of over 200 nit, a peak brightness of over 350 nit, and a brightness of more than 160 degrees. The chromaticity can be up to 120 degrees.

“Guangdong Juhua National Printing and Flexible Display Innovation Center is aiming at the highest level of display technology – printing display technology, which replaces traditional semiconductor process or vacuum process to produce display through printing or coating technology. Printed display is praised as large Twin brothers with flexible display size, without the support of printed display technology, flexible newspapers like newspapers are almost impossible to supply in large quantities." Fudong, general manager of Guangdong Juhua, said that the next phase will focus on the development of flexible substrate-based displays. “Future Laoguang’s tweeting newspaper TV (flexible display screen)’ to sigh morning tea or will become a reality.”

At the same time, Foxconn's 10.5-generation LCD panel project, LG Display 8.5-generation OLED project, Skyworth Intelligent Industry Innovation Base and other leading projects have laid a solid foundation for Guangzhou to accelerate its efforts to become the “display capital of the world”.

Guangzhou Automobile Group:

Create a "world-class automotive Silicon Valley"

GAC New Energy Intelligent Eco-Factory is the world's first energy comprehensive utilization plant. The total planned production capacity of the plant is 400,000 units/year, and the initial production capacity is 200,000 units/year. The reporter learned that the factory uses 52,000 pieces (8.5 million square meters) of photovoltaic panels to build a solar roof, with an annual power generation of 16.77 million degrees, accounting for about 15% of the factory's full load of electricity; self-built power battery storage field, first phase storage Can reach 1000 kWh. In addition, the factory uses a large number of advanced environmental protection technologies, such as the coating workshop using liquid damping material spraying technology, the water-based environmentally friendly LASD material is fully automated spraying, the formaldehyde in the car is reduced by 49%; the green film process adopts the advanced green film process (zirconium) To achieve zero emissions of hazardous substances.

"The construction of GAC Zhilian New Energy Automobile Industrial Park will strongly promote the transformation of GAC Group from the automobile traditional manufacturing group to the green eco-car group, and the transformation of traditional automobile manufacturing to the future mobile travel service provider." Zeng Qinghong, chairman of Guangzhou Automobile Group, said that the future GAC Zhilian New Energy Automobile Industrial Park will strive to build a “world-class automotive silicon valley” in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.

Blonde Technology:

Develop fully biodegradable plastics

In order to solve the "white pollution" problem, Blonde Technology has developed "completely biodegradable plastics" in Guangzhou. According to Li Jianjun, vice chairman and chief strategy officer of Blonde Technology Co., Ltd., the company has invested in technology research and development of fully biodegradable plastics for more than ten years. At present, the company has become the world leader, and the only complete mastery of polymerization, modification and terminal applications in Asia. A fully biodegradable plastics manufacturer with core technology.

Today, Blonde Technology has been approved to build the first “National Advanced Polymer Materials Industry Innovation Center” in the field of new materials in the country, and also to lead the establishment of the Provincial Lightweight Polymer Materials Innovation Center.

City Bureau of Industry and Information Bureau:

Cultivate a new material industry cluster

The data shows that the output value of Guangzhou's new materials industry in 2018 is about 273.6 billion yuan, accounting for 14.36% of the city's total industrial output value above designated size. There are 1,008 key new materials enterprises in Guangzhou, including 2 billion-level enterprises and 27 billion-level enterprises. There are 17 national innovation platforms in the field of new materials, including 5 national key laboratories and 3 national projects. Laboratory, 6 national engineering technology research centers and 3 national enterprise technology centers.

Guangzhou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology said that Guangzhou will seize the opportunity of construction in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, enlarge and strengthen local new materials enterprises, and accelerate the cultivation of internationally competitive enterprise groups. In the future, we will further cultivate and expand the main body of new materials industry enterprises, promote the construction of new material innovation systems, promote the promotion and application of new materials products, and build a new material industry service system.

At the same time, Guangzhou will focus on the key investment direction of new materials, targeting key target companies such as the Global 500 and China Top 500, focusing on new materials professional parks and industrial bases, focusing on next-generation information technology, smart equipment and robots. New energy vehicles, biomedicine, four new materials, characteristic industrial chain, optimize the excess chain of the combined industry chain, support the cultivation of weak links, and make up for the shortcomings of missing links.

Highlight the "poly" advantage and form a "point" breakthrough

Red is redder, greener and greener, and the viewing angle is wider... In January of this year, another heavy product of “Made in Guangzhou” – the world’s first “inkjet printing” display that combines the advantages of quantum dots and OLEDs. At the CES show in the United States, it attracted widespread attention. Thanks to the accelerated development of Guangzhou's new materials and fine chemical industry in recent years, this achievement is not surprising.

Nowadays, the new materials and fine chemical industry have become another source of water for the development of Guangzhou. The output value of over 100 million enterprises exceeds more than 300. Foxconn, LG and other large projects have come to the forefront, leading enterprises with various scales. The pattern of common development has taken shape.

So what should I do next? In the final analysis, we must make a fuss about "innovation is the first impetus". Innovation is the concentrated expression of the wisdom of the public. When a large number of people of insight gather together and smash each other, it will continue to burst into innovation and vitality. Therefore, highlighting the advantages of “poly” is of paramount importance to Guangzhou. It is necessary to attract a large number of upstream and downstream enterprises to gather and develop in a modern and international business environment, and to strengthen and weaken the industrial structure, so that the quality and quantity of factor accumulation complement each other.

Of course, to highlight the advantages of "poly", we must first achieve a breakthrough in "points." Further promote the accelerated development of Guangzhou's new materials and fine chemical industry, as well as outstanding achievements in scientific research, investment promotion, personnel training, and platform construction. For example, we will vigorously introduce state-level scientific research, testing, standards and other authoritative institutions to promote cutting-edge technology and common technology research to the next level; create a new material industry cluster base, and bring together a strong synergy for entrepreneurial incubation and transformation of results. Through the efficient promotion of these tasks, the cultivation of new kinetic energy in Guangzhou will also achieve greater achievements at a higher starting point and at a higher level.

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