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Company News >> China Consumers Association: Electronic display products OLED screen overall slightly better 12th,June,2019
                                             On June 9th, according to the news released by the official website of the China Consumers Association, in the first half of 2019, China Consumers Association purchased 13 representative electronic products in the market (including 5 mobile phones, 4 tablet computers and 4 TV sets), mainly to compare the screen display of different materials, including the test of blue light hazard and the evaluation of the visual perception of children and adolescents (this comparison test does not highlight the comparison of specific brands), for teenagers and parents Use electronic display products to provide reference and guidance. The test samples purchased in this test have been tested and the blue light hazard values ​​are within the safe range. Consumers do not have to worry.

It is understood that this comparative trial invited children aged 9 to 15 to participate in the experience evaluation. Using flash fusion frequency meter, visual function tester, optometry instrument and other instruments and equipment, the test evaluates the visual acuity changes before and after the use of the sample to complete the game task, and performs visual perception function and eye optical test data collection and subjective feeling survey. The combination of subjective and objective evaluation.

In response to this trial, China Consumers Association pointed out that young people should be controlled by electronic screens; this comparison test screened 21 students and found that 5 of them had lower visual adjustment than normal, and some students appeared. Some characterization of addiction. It is further understood that these five low-precision students often use electronic display products in their daily lives, and the time of use is not controlled and restricted by adults. The results of the comparative trials also showed that after 30 minutes of game play, the subjects showed significant visual fatigue on different indicators for the 11 test samples. Among the 13 samples, 5 samples including 2 mobile phones, 2 tablet computers and 1 TV sample have a significant impact on subjective visual fatigue; 10 models for 2 mobile phones, 4 tablet computers and 4 TV samples. The sample affects the user's visual perception function. Therefore, it is recommended that the teenager should not use the electronic display screen for more than 30 minutes each time.

At the same time, it is necessary to select high-quality electronic display products; from the results of this comparative test, there is no obvious relationship between the size of the display screen and the visual acuity of the user, and more is affected by the material and physical properties of the electronic display screen. According to the existing results, the OLED screen is slightly better overall. The screens of mobile phones, tablets and TV products currently on the market are mainly OLED and LCD screens. LCD (liquid crystal display) due to the presence of backlight layer and liquid crystal layer, thicker than OLED, as a high-end display, the price of OLED will be slightly higher than LCD.

China Consumers Association also said that it is recommended to try the products at the time of purchase; when consumers purchase electronic display products, they can make a short-term trial of the functions of electronic display products for teenagers, and observe the state of the eyes after using the products for a period of time. Respond in order to choose a product that is more comfortable and more suitable for your own vision, ensuring rational consumption. In addition, it is recommended that young people have more outdoor recreation activities; factors such as excessive eye use, unhealthy eyes, lack of physical exercise and outdoor activities are also causes of myopia.

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