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Company News >> The development of OLED display technology is based on the innovation of flexible materials 13th,July,2019
                                       The emergence of folding screen phones has brought revolutionary business opportunities to nano silver wires. After launching the folding screen mobile phone, Huawei has also set its sights on the smart home industry. As an important terminal, TV is the first step in the layout of Huawei.

The development of OLED display technology is based on the innovation of flexible materials

As we all know, the most important thing to do TV is the upstream LCD panel. However, with the development of technology, advanced panel technology is gradually replacing LCD panels. The development of OLED panel technology is slowly infiltrating into the mid-end TV market. It can be seen that the popularity of OLED TV will be further accelerated, and the changes brought about by technological innovation are both painful and new.

With the OLED display and LCD display ushered in a "golden crossover" between 2020 and 2021, the market share of flexible OLEDs over LCD panels is irreversible. In fact, from the data released by market research institutions, the market share of OLED display panels has exceeded the market share of LCD panels. The replacement of LCD panels by OLED displays is a demand for the development of the times.

More critically, OLED display screens not only achieved market share in key industry categories, but also showed high growth in OLED display panels in terms of their market share.

The early OLED display has not been so beautiful now. Although the characteristics of ultra-thin, self-illumination, high contrast, and power saving are well known, the immature technical problems at that time were not taken seriously. Even so, the global part shows that big manufacturers are full of confidence in OLED display panels, and continue to invest in technology research and development, eventually breaking down technical barriers and ushering in new development opportunities.

As the OLED enters a stage of flexible development, the foldable feature leaves the LCD panel far behind. Nowadays, the market trend has basically turned to the OLED display camp, and the current OLED screen has become the standard for high-end TVs and mobile phones. To some extent, there is no entry ticket to the high-end market without an OLED display screen.

OLED display screens want to compete for the low-end market, and must find suitable flexible new materials. The excellent characteristics of nano silver wire meet the needs of OLED display screens. After more than ten years of development, nano-silver wire technology has been relatively mature in the field of downstream product applications. If nano-silver wire is applied to OLED display screens, it is a strong combination.

The application of OLED display technology tells us that the wheel of technological innovation is always rolling forward. The current OLED is the best solution for the current stage, and there will be newer display technologies in the future. We need to work hard to accelerate the pace of innovation so that we can not be eliminated by the development of the times.

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