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Company News >> BOE OLED panel officially passed Apple iPhone 14 certification 10th,August,2022
                                              According to the upstream and downstream information of the industry chain, last week, the AMOLED panel of Chinese panel manufacturer BOE (BOE) has passed Apple's iPhone 14 certification.

The certification month is further advanced, and at least 5 million units are expected to be shipped this year. Last Thursday, BOE received a notification from Apple about the certification of the iPhone 14 AMOLED panel. BOE will put into mass production in advance in July, and start mass shipment in September. This time the certification passed earlier than the previous date of the iPhone 12 and 13 series in that year.

BOE shipped the 6.1-inch panel of the iPhone 12 in December 2020, and the iPhone 13 in October 2021. Judging from the past shipment history, it is estimated that in the year of certification, that is, in 2022, at least 5 million AMOLED panels in the direction of iPhone 14 will be shipped.

The iPhone 14 series that Apple may release on September 13 will have four models, namely the iPhone 14, 14 Max (and possibly Plus), 14 Pro and 14 Max Pro. Among them, BOE will supply the 6.1-inch LTPSOLED panel of the iPhone 14 standard model. Apple iPhone14 AMOLED panel information

Source of information: Organized by RUNTO

In 2022, Apple will purchase a total of more than 90 million flexible AMOLED panels for the iPhone 14. According to industry estimates, Samsung Display (SDC) will supply 60 million, LGD will supply 25 million, and BOE will supply more than 5 million.

Apple may be reducing its iPhone production plans due to global economic uncertainty. In 2022, together with the old iPhone 12 and 13 models already on the market, Apple will purchase about 210 million flexible AMOLED panels from Samsung Display, LGD and BOE, and the volume structure of the three suppliers is about 65:24:11 .

According to RUNTO data, in 2021, BOE will ship more than 16 million OLED mobile phone panels to Apple, and the share of OLED iPhones in Apple has reached about 10%. In 2022, BOE's shipments to the iPhone 13 will be affected due to a shortage of display driver chips. In the first half of the year, BOE shipped about 9.5 million AMOLED panels to Apple, a 66% year-on-year increase despite falling short of expectations. Based on the current supply pattern, BOE's AMOLED panel shipments to Apple will increase by about 40% throughout the year.

In addition, Chinese AMOLED panel makers CSOT and Visionox are also actively sending samples to Apple.

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