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Company News >> Rainbow shares the new 8.5 generation of liquid crystal substrate glass production line ignition production 9th,Feb,2023
                                                   It is understood that in 2022, Rainbow Stock, relying on the platform of National Engineering Research Center, will ignite and put into production the G8.5 + large-tonnage liquid crystal substrate glass production line in the high-tech industrial base of the new Station. The speed from construction and trial production to production has reached a good level of international peers.

On March 30 last year, the first domestic large tonnage G8.5 + substrate glass production line was ignited and put into production at the Hefei Base of Caihong Shares. In August of the same year, a new large tonnage liquid crystal substrate glass production line of Caihong Shares G8.5 Phase II was ignited and put into production.

Now, in order to further expand the market share of the company's G8.5 + products, the construction of another large tonnage liquid crystal substrate glass hot end production line in the second phase is progressing smoothly, marking a new stage in the large-scale construction of the high generation substrate glass industry of Rainbow Shares.

According to public information, Caihong Stock was established in July 1992, its main business is the research and development, production and sales of flat panel display devices and their key materials, and it is an enterprise integrating the research and development, design and manufacturing of domestic LCD panel and LCD substrate glass industry.

Its main LCD products cover a wide variety of LCD TV panels, including 32-inch to 100-inch ultra-high resolution (4K, 8K), curved surface, narrow frame (no frame), and has advanced Cu, COA, BOA, PSVA and other key new processes and mixed cutting production technologies.

In terms of production capacity, Caihong Shares has built four base glass production bases in Xianyang, Hefei, Zhangjiagang and Chengdu, forming a scale of base glass serialized products with thickness from 0.4mm to 0.7mm for LCD display, ranging from G5, G6, G7.5 to G8.5 +.

In terms of performance, Rainbow shares released a notice on January 30, it is expected that in 2022, the net loss attributable to the owner of the parent company will be 2.55 billion to 2.85 billion yuan, and the net loss attributable to the owner of the parent company after deducting non-recurring gains and losses will be 3.3 billion to 3.6 billion yuan, turning from profit to loss.

The reasons lie in the downturn of consumer electronic terminal products market and the contraction of demand under the influence of global inflation, geopolitical conflicts, energy crisis and repeated epidemic environment during the reporting period. However, due to the TV panel market price continued to dip, the operating revenue fell significantly compared to the same period of last year, and the operating results showed a loss.

From January to December 2021, the operating income composition of Caihong Shares is 89.59% for LCD panel and 5.24% for substrate glass.

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