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Company News >> OLED display industry first outbreak point is approaching 7th,Jan,2017
                           Flexible display technology OLED popularity of the application gradually. LG is planning its latest development of the "Wallpaper TV" to 2017 CES show a show style, witnesses revealed that this TV, such as wallpaper can be generally hung on the wall at the same time, the industry is expected to be available next year, Apple iPhone 8 will also launch a revolutionary display products.
With the improvement of technology, production lines to improve yield and supply chain maturity, OLED flat panel display industry will become the next outlet, and to a large extent instead of LCD, is expected in 2017 "51" will usher in the first industry outbreak point. To television, for example, OLED replacement for the LCD will first start from the high-end products, next year, "51" to 618 during the big business, OLED TV market share is expected to increase to 5% to 8%. If Apple's iPhone 8 as scheduled OLED screen enabled, then the wind vane type event will make the popularity of OLED doubling speed.
OLED technology is maturing
                    OLED because of its unique advantages by the industry as "fantasy display", is also recognized as the next generation of display development. Relative to now widely used LCD LCD screen, OLED because the pixel itself can be shiny and can do thinner. OLED core material for the thickness of the thin solid-state flexible organic materials, with the flexible substrate and cover, can produce a variety of curved shapes can be produced OLED flexible display.Skyworth Group Vice President, Skyworth RGB Electronics Co., Ltd. President Liu Tang branch, for example, the future of the family's TV can be the same as a mural hanging on the wall, in the flexible display, the future, whether small-size smart devices or large-size TV, OLED Physical characteristics brought about by the convenience and portability, in the past, any display device can not be compared.
Recently held in the "2016 China OLED display industry summit", the reporter saw, including Skyworth, Shenzhen Konka, Sichuan Changhong, LG, etc., both at home and abroad leading enterprises have launched OLED TV, and 2017 as an alternative to the existing LCD high-end market mainstream products. Similar to LG, Skyworth also plans to launch around the National Day next year, flexible OLED "wallpaper TV."
Liu Tang branch told reporters that from 1979 to 2016, 27 years of precipitation so that OLED technology has matured, stability, uniformity than the existing display products to a higher level, after the widely criticized life has also been the problem solve. "In the display industry, the last outlet is the revolution from CRT to LCD, and now the development of OLED and CRT to replace the early CRT is very similar.From the product application point of view, LCD applications from the beginning of watches and other daily electronic devices began to infiltrate. Similarly, OLED has also been used in smart watches, wearable equipment and other fields. In this year's IFA exhibition in Germany, OLED products show business from last year's 5 to 9, Skyworth, Changhong, Panasonic and LG Electronics of Japan are involved. "In particular, focus on product parameters of the Japanese and European brands have joined the camp, is expected in 2017 CES will have more OLED products." LG Display Director Lu said. In addition, an important price signal is: 3 years ago, the price of 55-inch OLED TV is 14,000 US dollars this year, 55-inch 4K OLED TV price of only 14,000 yuan, only about 1 / This is the large-size OLED will "fly into the homes of ordinary people," an important symbol. "LCD after 2004 to 2014 decade of rapid growth, has now entered the platform period, followed by OLED products will enter the fast-growing channel." Changhong, general manager of multimedia products, Zeng Hui told reporters that Changhong's product layout in 2017 Will increase the OLED part, including home and commercial two major areas. Which in addition to the home part of the launch of high-end flagship OLED products, will also introduce the popularity of OLED products.

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