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Boe and Zhongguancun Standardization Association released the Mini LED display general technical specifications... More>>
LG Display will release a 20-inch OLED panel within this year... More>>
Samsung's 8th-generation OLED production line for IT may consider using JDI's FMM-free eLEAP technology... More>>
LCD has not stepped out of the cycle, and the panel group has come to a detour... More>>
LGD and SK Hynix will form "MicroOLED Alliance"... More>>
Samsung and LG both invest in OLEDoS and LEDoS microdisplay technology development... More>>
BOE OLED panel officially passed Apple iPhone 14 certification... More>>
TFT-LCD is the mainstream display panel product, and the global market share of Chinese enterprises continues to increase... More>>
LCD screen falls below cost price? BOE and TCL are under great pressure to cut single driver chips... More>>
BOE (BOE) made a strong appearance at the International Display Week, leading the industry with cutting-edge technologies in six major fields... More>>
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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618