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Company News >> To break the Japanese monopoly, South Korea can produce 750PPI OLED FMM 5th,Dec,2023
                                           WitDisplay news, South Korea ranks first in the world in the OLED field, but key components are imported from Japan. "If we don't domestically produce fine metal mask (FMM), a key OLED industry, we may lose our leading position, just like LCD."

At Vault Creation's facility in Osan, Gyeonggi Province, CEO Sang-Joon Choi recently introduced the flagship product, the FMM.

Vault Creation is a company founded in 2015 that has an edge in fine etching techniques used throughout the industry.

FMM is an important part of the OLED production process. The smaller the holes in the FMM, the more organic material is deposited per unit area, and the higher the OLED display resolution. The current commercialized technology is at the 500 ppi level, developed in 2015, and has been stagnant for about 10 years.

According to the Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, Japan's Daihon Corporation currently holds about 72% of the FMM market share. Most of the global display companies use Japanese FMM.

"Most of the wet processes used in Japan have been patented, so it is difficult to develop a technology that uses this method," explained Choi. Bolt Creation has developed and patented the dry etching process and is in the process of commercializing it."

"Competitors have apertures of about 30 microns, but we can etch down to 20 microns," Choi said, adding, "With this, we have developed a technology that can achieve up to 750 ppi."

The advantages of dry etching developed by Vault Creation are

△ High resolution through fine perforation

Low temperature etching does not cause material changes

△ No by-products

△ High yield

△ Use of proven rolling materials

▽ Intellectual property rights.

According to the company, its processing equipment is manufactured in-house, so its production price is one-tenth that of its competitors.

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