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Company News >> From the LCD "thinking", OLED "burn money" grab the market when to stop 9th,Nov,2023
                                         Perhaps everyone has doubts, the smartphone market as the largest source of OLED panel business, in the context of brand mobile phone business every year to earn pot full, why China's OLED panel factory has been losing money? Is everyone willing to lose money?

On September 25, BOE, the "first brother" of China's panel, answered relevant questions on the interactive platform of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange: At present, the loss of BOE's flexible AMOLED business mainly comes from the depreciation pressure of the production line and the price pressure of the product. The price and profitability of high, medium and low-end flexible AMOLED products in the market are quite different, and the entry-level flexible AMOLED products are facing fierce low-price competition.

Why do OLED want to "burn money" grab the market?

Why the price war? Why let industry profits fall year after year? In fact, there have been many similar voices in the industry. First of all, in the smartphone market, the market penetration rate of OLED screens was equal to that of LCD this year, reaching 50%, and before that, the market volume of the entire OLED was relatively small.

Secondly, China's OLED panel factory not only has a large production capacity, but also belongs to the "latecomer" of the market, plus in previous years, our OLED panel technology indeed has a lot of gaps with top companies such as Samsung display and LGD in the industry, so it can only bear the unit price at a loss (low price to seize the market), while working hard to invest in development.

There are views in the industry that since China entered the OLED industry, it has been losing money, unable to make ends meet, the annual deduction of non-profits of relevant enterprises is also terrible, and the investment is not earning, why should it always persist?

Here, the author would like to say that the investment is not not income, but at the individual level is relatively small, the country and the industry is looking at the long-term thinking, can not only look at the annual deduction of how much money is lost, but also look at the development of technology and development of enterprises over the years for the country to save how much import funds.

What's more, the price competition makes the price of the product lower, the benefit is still the people, and this thing to benefit the country and the people because the enterprise can not make ends meet every year, backward technology will not do it?

You know, in the past 20 years, display panels can once be China's fourth largest import products, the annual import of a single panel is about 50 billion US dollars, and the annual cost of imported panels can be far more than the country's annual subsidies to display enterprises.

Therefore, if there is no such enterprise as BOE, it is estimated that everyone will still bear the TV of more than 10,000 yuan, which is the current situation of thousands of yuan. Therefore, it is necessary to develop our own display industry, just as Zhang Deqiang, chairman of Vicinuo, said in an interview with relevant media, I hope the government and capital will give our industry a little more patience, we are doing the right thing.

Some industries benefit the country and the people, and we should not only look at short-term investment returns, but also have a big picture. Technological backwardness We can admit that technological backwardness is not terrible, terrible is that there is no confidence in the country to achieve reverse and rise.

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