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Company News >> The history of the largest LCD off the tide is the occurrence of the panel is expected to flourish next year 27th,Mar,2017
                                           LCD display is the largest in the history of the LCD, Samsung display (Samsung Display) is expected to be closed by the end of 2016 a 7-generation plant, which is the LCD industry has closed the largest production line, is expected to reduce 1 million per month 40-inch LCD TV panel. In addition, there are other plants will be closed, the industry expected, this wave panel out of stock, not only will continue until the end of the year, there are still hope to 2017 years.
                                 AUO and the group has just concluded the law that the Friends of the current, whether it is large, small and medium size panel supply are showing tight state, unable to meet customer orders, this grand occasion is the most recent 10 years, AUO expected This year's boom will be a quarter better than a quarter; Qunchuang also said that the current panel out of stock, whether it is IT or TV panels have capacity, estimated that this wave panel will be the end of the year.
                                 However, the market is expected, this wave of panel supply and demand situation, may not only to the end of the year, there may be busy to 2017 years. IHS pointed out that due to the mainland's new capacity to enhance, but the market seasonal demand is weak, the first quarter of 2016 LCD panel supply more than 20% demand, which is since the beginning of 2012 the most significant oversupply. However, the market in the second quarter of rapid adjustment, into the second half of 2016, supply and demand situation is tightening, the market is expected to supply the situation is expected to continue to 2017 years.
                                 In fact, the cause of this wave panel out of stock reasons, in addition to rising demand, but also with the factory has a great relationship. In particular, the Korean panel factory has closed a number of LCD old production lines, including 5 generations or even 7 generations, etc., to Samsung display, is expected to close the end of the 7 generation plant, accounting for its large size panel production capacity of about 4%, while It is also the largest panel factory in the history of LCD manufacturing.
                                According to IHS estimates, large-size LCD application requirements in the 2016 ~ 2018 years, is expected to grow 5 to 6% per year; However, large-size panel production capacity is expected in 2017 will only expand 1%, 2018 expansion of 5% In the second half of the year, with the mainland more capacity on-line, including the world's first 10.5 generation plant come out, the panel market is expected to supply and demand will once again become more relaxed.
                                In fact, AUO for 2017 panel supply and demand is also optimistic, AUO that, due to panel industry continued to close the production line, including 4.5,5,6,7,8.5 generation, estimated 2017 panel capacity area increase Only maintained at 5% or less, is expected to make the overall market supply and demand will be further balanced.
                                For the recent market conditions, AUO believes that in the TV part, due to strong brand promotion and sports events to stimulate the overall TV sales from March this year began to continue to come out, the average size of the global TV is 1.5 to 2 Inch speed in the growth, so that area demand growth rate of more than 5%.
                                As for LCD monitors, notebook computers (NB) and flat-panel computers, the second quarter demand increased slightly, and brand manufacturers inventory continued to decline in the second half into the traditional sales season, is expected to drive demand continues to grow. Although this year's PC and NB shipments will decline over last year, but there is the bottom of the means that the overall IT panel area this year, the estimated decline will reach 2%.
                                AUO believes that this year's panel area demand growth of about 5 to 7%, as the panel factory have closed the production line, resulting in reduced production capacity, the second half of this year's supply and demand than expected but also optimistic.

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