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Company News >> 2017 LCD panel growth slows down OLED production or surge 18th,Apr,2017
                                       In the past 2016, China's LCD panel capacity to continue to expand, but with the entire display market began to tilt the OLED, LCD panel market demand began to slow down, the data, the first quarter of 2016 panel supply more than 20% of the actual demand, there is a serious problem of excess panel supply.
                               In the second half of 2016, the upstream panel manufacturers due to the pressure on the stock and the future growth of the market is not optimistic about the beginning to consciously reduce the LCD panel production capacity, or even close part of the production line, LCD panel supply and demand began to balance, according to the authority It is expected that the annual growth rate of large-size LCD panel production in 2017 will be only 3.9%, which will be the most conservative year for capacity growth in recent years.
                              This year will be the LCD panel forces re-division of the year, although the total slowdown, but since 2016 China's panel manufacturers capacity is continuing to expand, shipments ranked second in the world in Taiwan, with the Korean panel manufacturers to reduce the LCD Production capacity is expected this year, China's LCD panel shipments will be ranked first in the world.
This year will become a sharp increase in the OLED market turning point
                             OLED as a strong future display technology is currently recognized as the successor to the LCD, whether it is display performance or physical characteristics should be completely beyond the LCD, the current panel manufacturers gradually began in the OLED layout, with Apple as new products will be carried on the iPhone OLED screen such a huge order, this year will become the global OLED market a substantial increase in the inflection point.
                              Korean panel factory in fact years ago began to actively adjust the proportion of the product line, and constantly close the LCD panel production line while enhancing the OLED panel production capacity, have to say that this step in the transformation of Korean manufacturers have technical experience at the same time do see long. But believe that with sufficient funds and technical support, the domestic panel manufacturers in the development of OLED height can quickly follow up.
                             At present, OLED screen is mainly used in mobile phones such as small size equipment, followed by the global OLED screen production capacity continues to grow, I believe that the preferences of OLED screen domestic manufacturers will take the lead in large quantities of OLED to market, but the initial stage of tight supply situation Inevitably, with the growth of production capacity, I believe the future of OLED panel war will be more intense.

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