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Company News >> LG confirmed as Samsung LCD screen supply: the largest in the world 2rd,May,2017
                                         According to foreign media The Verge reported that the recent LG CEO Han You Fan said in an interview, they will South Korea's main rival Samsung LCD screen supply. The Samsung and LG cooperation, mainly because of the previous Foxconn's Sakai Display Products cooperation rupture. After the deal was reached, LG became the world's largest supplier of TV panels.
                              Han Youfan did not give a specific supply schedule, it is clear that Samsung's TV product line more needs. However, LG's LCD display to mobile phones and flat-panel TVs can be used. Insiders predict that this supply will start in the second half of this year, which is also for LG to further expand market share is very good. It is worth mentioning that Samsung and LG had never started a display of the transaction.
                              Previously, Samsung TV sales director Kim Hyun-suk said: "The two companies are serious and serious negotiations, but has not yet reached an agreement." It is understood, LG Display is the world's largest LCD panel manufacturers, but before and Not with the Samsung TV business to establish a cooperative relationship, because its largest shareholder LG Electronics in the TV market is Samsung's competitors.
                              In addition to LG, there are foreign media reports that the future of China Star photoelectric 11-generation LCD production line will have 10% of capacity for the production of Samsung display (Samsung Display) panel, and the brand will be directly linked to Samsung display, as OEM production form. This shows that Samsung is in contact with a number of LCD suppliers, the purpose is to diversify the supply chain risk.

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