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Company News >> OLED panel market space is expected to rapid development of a broad industrial chain 12th,Jan,2017
                             Recently, the global market research firm TrendForce set state science and technology held in 2017 industrial forecasting seminar, at the meeting analysts expected 2017 AMOLED display panel and NAND flash memory will face a global shortage. According to the analysis of state science and technology report, in recent years, smart phone panel specifications iterations become the trend, which AMOLED display panel as mobile phone designers hope to stimulate the market demand for the key to return to temperature. OLED panel market space is a shortage of the component next year, mainly due to Apple's iPhone will be reported in the 10th anniversary of the use of OLED display panel, and smart phone brands driven by the Apple wave, competing to AMOLED product development.                             Some analysts believe that Apple's i-Phone series in the OLED panel is almost a foregone conclusion, which with the global panel plant and mobile phone brands competing for the investment boom OLED panel. In this context, institutions are optimistic about the future development of OLED industry. Bohai Securities believes that, OLED is the next generation of mainstream display technology, OLED has many advantages, including high brightness, high contrast, high color gamut and viewing angle, low power consumption, thinner and flexible features. With the continuous maturity of OLED technology, yield and capacity to enhance its application scenarios will be greatly expanded, including smart phones, intelligent hardware, VR, lighting and other areas will be the focus of the application. OLED display and lighting a broad market space, the whole industry chain is expected to rapid development.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618