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Company News >> Apple Watch panel fear turn Micro LED brewing counterattack OLED 19th,June,2017
                                            Although the OLED panel is expected to expand from the Apple Watch application to the new iPhone, a high-profile panel technology, but the supply chain industry revealed that Apple (Apple) low-key layout of a new generation of display technology Micro LED is quietly forming, the fastest in 2017 The next half is expected to replace the OLED panel in the Apple Watch application status, not only for the Apple wear device to bring innovative technological revolution, the future in the mass production technology on the track, will be further into the smart phone applications, and play LED industry to revive The new savior. However, the relevant news has not been confirmed by Apple.
                                 Since Apple acquired the US startup LuxVue in 2014, and made a number of Micro LED patented technology, Micro LED in recent years, industry attention continues to improve. Apple recently set up a laboratory in Longtan Science Park, the industry revealed that Apple's Longtan plant has produced OLED products, but Apple is not allowed to set up laboratory research and development of OLED technology.
                                 The industry believes that MicroLED will be Apple's attempt to snatch the next wave of display technology dominance and reduce the dependency on the panel vendor's secret weapon, according to the relevant time plan, the fastest 2017 half Apple Micro LED technology will be able to see the real chapter The Although the current Micro LED production technology is still a bottleneck, but recently with the mass production problem gradually resolved, was originally regarded as out of reach Micro LED products, has now ushered in the dawn, Micro LED is likely to be imported in 2 years Type device application.
                                 Apple launched the first generation of Apple Watch sales in 2015, although unsatisfactory, but it is Apple's first OLED panel into the application products, the industry and is expected to follow up the new iPhone, instead of using AMOLED panel. However, if Apple Apple Watch try to use Micro LED display technology to be successful, the industry is expected iPhone products will have the opportunity to change after 3 years Micro LED, LED components will drive the market into a new situation of the outbreak.
                                 LED industry pointed out that, Micro LED with more power, more thin, wider viewing and comparison of higher features, in terms of cost, the use of OLED panel module may be 2.5 US dollars, Micro LED module about 10 US dollars, but the finished product , Due to the use of Micro LED module will help to create a higher terminal price, even when the screen after amplification, Micro LED and OLED cost difference will be more reduced to the size of the tablet computer when the cost will be almost the same.
                                 MicroLED size can be as small as 1 micron ~ 100 micron, the area is only one thousandth of the mainstream LED, Micro LED greatly reduced, the production bottleneck is to move a large number of LED LCD glass substrate, if each smart phone panel at least Need 5 million Micro LED, production speed will be a big problem.
                                 LED lighting manufacturers Chairman Li Bingjie said, due to the use of LED backlight count reduction and industrial over-investment, the overall LED production capacity oversupply nearly 2 percent, if Micro LED full introduction of smart watch applications, the machine needs of about 20 units , If the future if applied to smart phones, crystal power to all the current production capacity is not enough to meet market demand.
                                  It is noteworthy that not only Apple actively develop Micro LED technology, including the United States, France, Britain and other countries a number of university laboratories, as well as Japanese LED manufacturers on the day, etc., have been put Micro LED technology research, Micro LED technology maturity Will continue to improve, and the industry as counterattack OLED panel forces the ultimate weapon.

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