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Company News >> Against the OLED LCD industry chain fight in-cell production capacity 20th,June,2017
                                           In the market a promising OLED, LCD panel factory in addition to actively layout R & D and production capacity, the existing capacity to upgrade the original LCD technology, differentiated to grab high-end brand customer market share of the industry war is still in full swing in progress.
                                 IC design factory Tintai said that in-cell \ on-cell for single-chip (IDC) touch display driver IC shipments rapid growth in the second quarter, single month shipments have reached 1KK scale, almost a quarter shipments The total amount of the estimated annual shipments this year is expected to exceed 10KK.
                                 Mainly in the small and medium size panel factory Choi Jing, CPT, Dragon said that through the 2015 year of market cultivation, as well as the industry chain production technology continues to improve, the end products in the brand customers in-cell \ on-cell touch panel The acceptance is getting higher and higher, since the beginning of May this year, touch panel shipments quickly pulled up in the second half is expected to continue heavy volume. Which Caijing expected by the end of the on-cell touch panel will account for the overall mobile phone panel shipments close to 50%.
                                 From the fourth quarter of 2015, domestic brands to cool, Jin Li, ZTE and other brands began to use a large number of in-cell \ on-cell touch screen, Japan, South Korea's brand manufacturers have also increased in the flagship machine equipped with in -cell \ on-cell touch screen to promote the intensity, so that TANDBERG IDC single chip in-cell \ on-cell touch display chip fast access customer base in the main model.
                                 Tintai IDC single chip in-cell \ on-cell touch display chip supports 4 to 7 inch HD / FHD specifications, the main marked with light as the highlight of the OLED display. The current market in addition to Samsung, the other panel factory OLED shipments are limited, new capacity should be placed in two years after 2018, coupled with the rate of climbing period, the full release of production capacity will be extended.
                                 Terminal brand customers in order to continuously improve the user experience, enhance brand competitiveness, the performance of the most close to the OLED display in-cell \ on-cell touch screen will be very strong. The same main small and medium-sized panel plant in addition to the backplane technology upgrade to the LTPS, continue to use a-Si technology yield and cost advantages, the largest shipments of the terminal brand mobile phone panel specifications control, the same can Customers that fight for more right to speak.
                                 Choi also said that on-cell touch panel in the thin and cost more and more competitive, locked in the low-end smart phone panel market strategy effect is very obvious, the current order to the end of the third quarter has been full.
                                 In the in-cell \ on-cell touch screen market, driven by the relevant industry chain business performance began to improve. Which accounted for NT $ 971 million in May, up 5.09% qoq, down 11.38% year on year; total revenue of NT $ 4.204 billion, down 9.88% from last year. Caijing May revenue of NT 1.426 billion yuan, an increase of 18.3%, an increase of about 6.4%; cumulative 1 - 5 months of revenue of NT $ 6.28 billion, down 23.2% over last year.

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