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Company News >> Samsung executives said the supply of LCD panels to Apple next year 4th,July,2017
                                            Samsung Display executives (Samsung Display) executives said Monday that Samsung will end with Apple's contract next year, no longer supply the latter to the LCD panel.
Over the years, Samsung has been supplying LCD panels to Apple. But now, the two companies between the more and more grudges. Industry sources said that due to strict supply chain management structure, Apple is no longer Samsung's "cash cow".
At the same time, Apple is no longer overly dependent on Samsung's LCD panel. By purchasing LCD panels from Samsung rivals, Apple can also get a favorable price.
"We have been able to continue supplying the LCD panel to Apple at such a big price discount, and we have cut the number of LCD panels supplied to Apple and will stop the supply next year," said the executive at Samsung.
A number of informed sources said Samsung Display has already received more orders from Samsung's mobile phone division and Amazon, so it is enough to make up for the loss of Apple's loss.
The first six months of this year, Samsung is Apple's largest supplier of LCD panels, the supply of more than 15 million. Followed by LG Display, the supply of 12.5 million, and Sharp supply music 2.8 million.
And the source said, and the third quarter of this year, Samsung's supply has dropped to less than 3 million, while the fourth quarter is expected to drop to 1.5 million. In addition, Samsung is not about to be listed on the iPad Mini panel suppliers.
Some analysts said the two companies are about to end the main reason for the partners, for the supply of Apple LCD panel profit margins gradually decline. For example, compared with the iPad 2, the new iPad screen price per pixel has been reduced by more than half Research company DisplaySearch data show, iPad 2 per pixel price of 0.00063 US dollars, while the new iPad for 0.0003 US dollars.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618